Cooper Instruments & Systems is now an authorized distributor for Straightpoint products including cabled and wireless telemetry loadlink, load shackles, load cells, digital dynamometers, compression load cells, crane scales, running line tensionmeters and software solutions as well as a new range of intrinsically safe load cells.

Safety, reliability and quality are paramount in the lifting and rigging industries, so Straightpoint designs and manufactures to the highest standards including ISO9001, ATEX and IECEx, whilst holding other accreditations and active memberships in key associations such as LEEA, AWRF, SC&RA and ASME.

Straightpoint manufactures load cells from 100kg to over 2000t and products that offer dynamic load monitoring, weighing and force measurement solutions and high accuracy with world-class specifications and lead times.

Unlike other load cells and dynamometers available on the market the high IP or NEMA rating of Straightpoint load cells means they are impervious to the harshest weather conditions and may be left in place during a lift just like any other item of rigging hardware.

Their wireless technology allows antennae free data transmission to 700 metres or 2300 feet and can be connected to the latest Internet of Things (IOT) technology.

Straightpoint load cells are used in many industries such as oil and gas, shipping, construction, renewable energies, lifting and cranes, topside and tie downs, mining, entertainment, water bag testing, breakbulk, utilities and military applications.

See the list of wireless Straightpoint products that we offer below:

Handheld Plus – The Handheld plus is a rugged and versatile digital handheld display with a broad range of features and suitable for all Straightpoint load cell products. It has a powerful PCB providing industry leading features such as user selectable units of measure (tonnes, lbs, kg and kN), programmable audible overload alarm, peak hold, pre-set tare and a user resettable overload counter. Wireless range is 2,300 feet.

JumboWeigher – The JumboWeigher series of crane scales offers high capacity, quality, accuracy, and safety at low capacity pricing. Each unit is equipped with a large and bright LED display that can be easily read even in direct sunlight. The simple to use remote features oversized buttons for use with gloved hands and provides for control of tare and hold functions. Battery charging intervals are extended by the standby power saving mode as well as the automatic shut off feature. Each JumboWeigher is safety tested and is supplied with certification of calibration and proof testing. This heavy duty crane scale is extremely accurate, and is manufactured from quality materials, featuring a high strength aluminim alloy outer housing.

Load Pin – The Straightpoint range of Load Measurement Pins (LMP’s) are designed for use in custom or bestspoke applications where traditional load cells are not applicable. They are manufactured from high tensile stainless steel and are normally supplied complete with an anti-rotation plate as a cabled or wireless solution. Built to withstand the harshest environments in industries such as marine and offshore oil and gas they are suitable for use in exposed situations and can be supplied to withstand immersion in seawater to extreme depths.

RadiolinkPlus – Capable of both weighing and dynamic load monitoring, the latest Radiolink plus is constructed of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum and features an advanced internal design structure, suitable for use in the harshest environments. Featuring industry leading wireless technology and range, the versatile Radiolink plus is supplied with an update rate of 3 Hz and can be easily configured to run at industry leading speeds of up to 200 Hz. Data is transmitted wirelessly utilizing the latest in IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz) technology providing safe, high integrity, error free transmission of both static weight and dynamic load to a wireless handheld controller.

MWLC – Straightpoint’s Multiple Wireless Load Cell Controller (SW-MWLC) software package is a versatile, user friendly wireless load cell control, display and data logging tool designed for use on the Windows PC platforms, Vista, Win7, 8 and 10. SW-MWLC allows simultaneous, wireless communication between Straightpoint wireless load cells and a Windows® PC. A resizable window displays a table of up to 100 wireless load cell channels of live data. Channels can be setup with user defined mathematical functions that can be used to calculate a multitude of results. SW-MWLC software is supplied with a SW-USBBSE extended range USB transceiver.

Running Line Dynamometer – The TIMH range is a Running Line Tensiometer or RLTM built with dockside, marine, offsore, towage and salvage applications in mind. It is particularly useful where there is no anchor or dead end on the line to rig a Straightpoint Radiolink or Loadlink digital dynamometer to measure tension force. The TIMH is constructed from marine grade stainless steel and is suitable for many wire rope configurations up to 80t and will, as an option, calculate lineout in meters or feet along with line speed. Available as a wireless or cabled system utilizing our HHP range of handheld displays or SWˇMWLC software.

Wireless Compression Load Cell – Straightpoint’s Wireless Compression Load Cells are machined from high grade stainless steel, providing excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The heavy duty, compact load cell utilizes Straightpoint’s advanced microprocessor based electronics and benefits from unrivaled resolution and accuracy. Data transmission is handled by the Straightpoint wireless system’s proprietary transport protocol, is unmatched in performance and capable of a license free transmission range of up to 2,300 feet.

Wireless Low Headroom Link – Now available as a wireless product the Straightpoint range of low headroom links are designed to provide accurate measurement of loads in the most challenging applications where headroom restrictions are a major factor. It is constructed from high strength alloy steel and designed to work with industry standard shackles. Applications include weighing, lifting, force measurement and load monitoring of structures such as lighting trusses, hoist mountings and fly line tensioning. The unique low headroom design combines the ability to lift loads with capacities up to 30 tonnes and features industry leading wireless technology and range of 700m or 2300ft.

WCGS (wireless center of gravity system) – Straightpoints’ WCOGS is a user friendly, cost effective, low maintenance, wireless solution for the Conformation of Mass and Center of Gravity of large off-set, off-balance, non-symmetrical loads. It uses wireless compression load cells and a new and improved, simple to use, software package. Operators can now view on screen, and in real-time, up to 30 individual load cell loads, and the dynamic center of gravity. The valuable, center of gravity analysis report can be easily saved and or printed. Available in capacities ranging from 5te to 500te. Larger capacities are available on request. Range is 700 meters or 2300 feet.

Wireless Loadshackle – Straightpoint’s Wireless Loadshackle provides the perfect solution to limited headroom applications. Each Wireless Loadshackle is proof tested, then equipped with a hard anodized aluminum electronics enclosure. Featuring industry leading wireless technology and 2,300 foot range, the Wireless Loadshackle is supplied with an update rate of 3Hz and can be easily configured to run at industry leading speeds of up to 200Hz. Data is transmitted wirelessly utilizing the latest in IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz) technology providing safe, high integrity, error free transmission of both static weight and dynamic load to a wireless handheld controller or wireless Windows® PC data logging software package.

Clamp On Line Tensionmeter (COLT) – The Straightpoint COLT is a lightweight tensionmeter for fast and accurate measurement of wire rope tensions up to 11,000 lbf/5000 kgf and up to 1”/25mm diameter. Manufactured using an integral, high accuracy, Bluetooth module the COLT transmits load data wirelessly to any smart device running our Android or iOS app.