Torque Load Cells

A torque cell is a load transducer that will convert a torsional moment into a proportional electrical signal. Cooper Instruments offers a rotating variety, (operates in 360 degrees at various RPM) or a reaction-only style (can operate up to 360 degrees). Cooper Instruments offers a variety of physical configurations and torque ranges from 10 inoz to 100,000 in lbs.

Choosing a Torque Load Cell

When it’s time to buy a torque load cell online, you need to consider several aspects of the purchase before completing the transaction. Some specifics of the choice include:

  • Application: Once you know you need to buy a torque load cell online, how you plan to apply it is the question to ask first. You need to know whether you’re looking to buy a pressure transducer, which outputs signals in volts or millivolts per volt, or a transmitter, which puts signals out in milliamps. These matters based on your testing environment and what type of elements the torque load cell will be exposed to.
  • Capacity Requirements: Determine whether the range of pressure you need to measure is in the positive or vacuum scale of measurement. Choose a range of psi, H2O or bar, then a pressure type between absolute, differential, gage or bidirectional. You need a sensor that fits the pressure range you’ll be working with, otherwise you risk inaccuracy on one end and overload on the other.
  • Company Needs: On the logistics side, consider the price your business can afford to get a top-notch torque load cell. Think about how long you need the cables to be, what type of feedback you require and other specific factors. Once you’ve got the details locked in, start browsing our online inventory for affordable options that get the job done right.

Calibration Services and Custom Solutions at Cooper Instruments & Systems

At Cooper Instruments & Systems, we’re committed to finding the perfect solution for your specific requirements. If you don’t find the exact torque load cell you need in our inventory, contact us for help. We have the freedom that comes with manufacturing many of the products we distribute, which means we can customize as needed. If we don’t have the torque load cell you ask for, we’ll modify the specifications of an existing component to bring you the perfect solution. The new piece of equipment will meet both your requirements and OEM standards.

When it comes to a functional torque load cell and other company equipment, you need to keep both performance and calibration in mind. We offer service agreements for terms of one, two or three years with guaranteed low prices and discounts when you sign up. We’ll even send automatic due date reminders so you don’t lose track. Service agreement customization is also available for companies with unique needs and requirements. To learn more about contract benefits, look into our calibration services.

At Cooper Instruments and Systems, we manufacture, distribute and calibrate force and pressure instrumentation and sensor systems throughout the United States and internationally. No matter where you’re located, if you’re looking to buy torque load cells online, contact us for a quote, and we’ll rise to the challenge to solve your measurement needs.

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