Custom Systems and Instrumentation for Your Needs

No matter what industry you work in, some applications require unique modifications to existing products to meet your needs. Maybe you want to figure out how much pressure it takes to twist the cap off of a bottle of soda so your product doesn’t require too much force, but regular force and torque measurement applications won’t work. Or, perhaps you need a custom test stand with additional components that will get the job done. Whatever it is, Cooper Instruments & Systems is a manufacturer and distributor with the ability to build and customize solutions for your problems.

Benefits of Working With Cooper Instruments

We have dedicated sales professionals, customer service representatives and a technical staff that can determine what you need before you even know it. Choosing Cooper Instruments & Systems isn’t settling for a product that might not meet your expectations. It’s working with a company that understands load cells and products aren’t one size fits all. We can modify existing products or create custom instrumentation based on your industry and products.

For example, we create custom load cells with capabilities ranging from zero to 10 grams to zero to three million pounds. This is helpful if you need a type of product you can’t find anywhere else. Instead of endlessly searching for a load cell with specific capabilities, design a custom one with Cooper Instruments & Systems. We can also look at any discontinued load cells that are vital to your production and create an identical product that will keep your process running smoothly.

About Cooper Instruments & Systems

We carry custom load cells, pressure transducers/gauges, test stands, calibration services and so much more. With Cooper Instruments, you’re not just getting our products. We’re there from the initial consultation to estimating, scheduling and planning, order processing, development and testing, manufacturing and shipping. Our quality customer service will make sure we meet your specifications while keeping your deadline and budget in mind. Plus, we offer safe and on-time shipping in the U.S. and internationally.

We don’t just carry our own products. We’re both a manufacturer and distributor of force and pressure instruments. Plus, we specialize in custom instrumentation that meets OEM standards. If you don’t see what you want on our site, we can find it or modify existing products. We work with sectors ranging from the aerospace industry to the medical and healthcare industry.

No two jobs or industries are alike, just as no two force and pressure instruments are the same. That’s why we’re passionate about customizing existing products or creating new solutions to make your job safer and more manageable.

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We love helping companies find an answer to their most complex issues, whether it’s solutions for down-hole drilling companies or different load cells for medical purposes. Cooper Instruments & Systems offers instrumentation consulting and custom options for your needs and OEM standards. Contact us today to learn more about our custom solutions for your unique applications.