Food and Beverage Industry

Torque Measurement Applications for the Food and Beverage Industry

When it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of food and beverages, both safety and accessibility must be thoroughly established before anything reaches retailer shelves or customer hands. The ripeness of fruit, the amount of pressure it takes to open a bottle of soda and more all need to be tested by cutting-edge technology to ensure and maintain appropriate pressure requirements.

At Cooper Instruments & Systems, we have a fully stocked inventory of load cells with a wide range of capacities from 0-10 grams to 0-3 million pounds. You’ll also find test stands, scales, force gauges and any other force testing equipment you need no matter what sector of the food and beverage industry you’re in.

We’re an authorized distributor for Mark-10 products — made entirely in the U.S. — that allow force and torque measurement applications of almost any kind:

  • Bottle cap torque testing: Find out how much pressure it takes to twist the cap off a bottle of soda or other beverage, for example, so you have a safe and accessible product without too much required force.
  • Bottle cap pull-off force testing: Protect your reputation and stay sure your pull-off cap beverages are accessible.
  • Top load testing: Assess the top load force of products and containers like stacked cartons and keep your products and environment safe.
  • Burst testing: Determine the strength and resilience of your food, beverages and packaging before they reach the distribution stage.
  • Crush testing: Determine ripeness, readiness for consumption, durability and more for any number of consumables.

Why Choose Cooper Instruments & Systems?

While we’re proud of our extensive equipment inventory, it doesn’t stop there. We also manufacture our own products and provide extensive calibration services, even for measurement equipment you didn’t originally purchase from us. Our multi-year service agreements include one-, two- and three-year contracts to ensure ongoing calibration and accuracy and you’ll even have access to discounts when you sign on. Other benefits of our service agreements include:

  • Locked cost that doesn’t change during the contract lifetime
  • Priority handling and quick delivery of any orders you place with us
  • NIST-traceable in-house calibration completed on state-of-the-art equipment
  • Email or phone contact for expertly delivered priority technical support
  • Additional two-month warranty on calibration services

You can’t take a chance when it comes to any torque measurement applications in the food and beverage industry. It’s a matter of compliance, safety, reputation, productivity and overall profitability. We can work with your needs internationally in addition to our availability in the United States, and we work with a variety of budgets to ensure your measurement needs are met quickly and affordably no matter your circumstances.

Request a free quote today so we can show you how well we rise to the challenge.