Materials Testing and Handling

Cooper Instruments has a strong presence in the material testing industry with a broad line of load cells, torque sensors, pressure sensors, force gages and our line of test stands. Some applications require sensors which are highly durable and capable of withstanding harsh environments, such as our LGP 310 or LPM 530. Cooper also offers a line of wire tension meters. Our TX, ACX and LX series are designed to measure the tension on fine fibers and wires. Cooper also offers various test stands with various force gages which may be purchased with software to do statistical analysis such as the TSFM 500-DC.

The following are just a few examples of material testing applications.

  • Concrete testing
  • Paper and pulp shear testing
  • Break point tests
  • Rubber sample testing
  • Hip/knee replacement life testing
  • Variety of medical testing applications
  • Cable tension testing
  • Durability Studies
Tension/Compression Load Cell

Sample Materials Testing/Handling Application

Tension/Compression Load Cell
Cooper Load Cells and instruments can be used in suspension bridges. Our load cells can be installed on the cables to measure the tension and stress applied to the cables under various traffic conditions. They can also be installed under the post of the bridge to measure the compression the bridge experiences under various conditions. Data acquired will be sent to a data logger (DCI 110/120) or data acquisition system using a DFI 250 from Cooper Instruments & Systems’ extensive array of electronics. Remote management of data via internet or cell phones can be achieved.