Wire Tension Meters

Tension Meters

Cooper Instruments offers a wide variety of wire tension meters for measuring the tension on aircraft cables, strapping materials and guy wires. The cables or material must be flexible. Tension ranges run from 0-1000 grams all the way up to 0-10,000 lbs. Cooper may require you to send a sample of your cable to us to ensure a proper calibration.

Keeping proper tension on assorted wires, cables and ropes is vital for safety and for keeping up with routine maintenance on many kinds of machines and systems. Tension meters are used to ensure proper tension throughout these machines’ operation.

Many industries require wire tension meters to make sure the crucial wires and cables in their operations function. Just a few of the businesses we often sell to are aerospace, laboratories, automotive and more. The meters, which can often be handheld, accurately assess the operation tension of a particular rigging by attaching it on the loaded cable or wire.

When a reaction to a deflecting force occurs, the frame will proportionally bend to the tension in the member. You’ll then receive a readout of this activity on the digital display of the meter.

Cooper Instruments offers a range of different products with varying capabilities to address the wide needs of our clients. From aircraft meters that can measure between 20-500 pounds to wire tension meters that can attach to 15 types of wires, we can supply the right fit for you and your requirements.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the extensive collection on our website, give us a call at 1-800-344-3921 or 540-349-4746 — our customer service representatives will help you find the perfect equipment for your needs. If that doesn’t work, we’ll modify existing wire or cable tension meters to meet your required specifications or OEM standards.

Calibration Services at Cooper Instruments & Systems

We don’t just distribute the products in our inventory, we manufacture them and offer calibration services throughout their functional lifetime. Even if you didn’t originally buy your wire or cable tension meters from us, we’ll complete calibration for them to ensure their accuracy. We offer multi-year service agreements and discounts when you sign a one-, two- or three-year contract with us for your regular calibration services. If you do, you’ll be able to access several important advantages like automatic due date reminders and the following other benefits:

  • Locked Cost: Not only will you enjoy discount pricing with our contracts, but you can also rest assured that the prices are locked in and won’t change throughout the lifetime of our agreement. If one of our pre-set contracts isn’t right, our sales team will work with your unique needs to come up with an agreement that suits both parties.
  • Technical Support: We’ll give you priority, expert support through your choice of email or phone. We’ll even provide convenient access to the historical calibration data of your equipment.
  • Quick Delivery: With priority handling for every order you make and on-time delivery based on your pre-determined calibration schedule, you’ll never find yourself wondering when your components will arrive.
  • High-Quality Work: Every in-house calibration we complete is NIST-traceable, which means we’re required to maintain a high standard. We do so by using state-of-the-art calibration equipment on every job. Through our partner network, we offer 17025 and ASTM E74 calibration services. When you sign up for a contract, we verify your measurement accuracy and add an additional two-month warranty so you’re assured of quality control. This way, you won’t have to worry about unexpected audits.

Contact Cooper Instruments & Systems for Your Tension Meter in Any Location 

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and part of that is availability. We’ll provide the right solution for the job whether your business is in the United States, Germany, Japan, South America or any one of our other international locations. We work with many different budgets to solve your measurement needs, so don’t hesitate to call us. We look forward to the challenge — request a free quote now to find out!

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