Energy Industry

Cooper Instruments has offered load cells and pressure transducers used in oil production monitoring for many years. Working with customers, Cooper Instruments has developed special application measurement systems to be used on oil platforms. With our popular PTT 242 Pressure Transducer, Cooper has provided solutions to down-hole drilling companies to monitor their processes. Cooper Instruments has proven experience in designing custom down-hole force transducers, meeting the most demanding requirements of our customers.

The following are just a few examples of Interface oil production/exploration applications.

  • Pump-off control
  • Wire line tension control
  • Coil tubing applications
  • Down-hole tension and pressure monitoring
  • Calibration systems
Tank Weighing Application

Sample Energy Application

Tank Weighing Application
Cooper Instruments offers a popular line of tank weight load cells which can be placed on the legs of a silo hopper or tank to monitor the weight of the contents. When using more than one load cell, Cooper can supply a junction box to average the load of all the load cells and provide one output to a digital weight indicator, such as our DFI 250, or a more complex controller for batch control such as our DFI IQ 710. The system can be automated so an alarm will sound once the tank reaches a certain level, or to stop one batch of material flowing and start another batch of material flowing.