Process Weighing

COOPER Instruments & Systems sales engineers can assist in offering various methods to help you solve difficult in-process weighing applications. Whether it is utilizing weigh modules for converting a tank or hopper into a weigh system or turning a conveyor section into a check-weigh station, COOPER can assist in the selection. It is imperative in many applications, that the proper capacity load cell is used, along with using the proper suspension in mounting the load cells under the vessel, ensuring that the weight/force is loaded directly through the load cell sweet spot.

♦ Depending upon the application, careful orientation must be considered of piping leading into and out of the tanks of avoid the actual load being offset onto the piping and providing an inaccurate weight reading. Ask for a copy of the Do’s & Don’ts – A simple guide from Cooper Instruments & Systems.

There are a variety of load cells and mounts, and the ­selection of which style is critical to each application’s requirements for accuracy, the environment of the vessel e.g. vibration from a mixer, the possibility of thermal expansion/contraction of the tank, or the rigidity of the vessel’s legs (which could cause off-axial loading and induce error) if they flex. These are just some examples of considerations that COOPER’s technical support will aid in helping you select the most cost effective unit to perform to the criteria desired.

Process Weighing covers a variety of needs and facilitates sometimes crucial data in the production process. For example, in batch applications, the size of the tank can be critical since accuracy is limited in many cases by the size of the load cells being used. At COOPER Instruments & Systems, we have a wide range of load cell designs and mounting hardware that help reduce your cost of installation, (which helps you be competitive in bidding a project, and also aid in the budget conscious project management.

COOPER Instruments & Systems is here to help you in your selection of the proper weighing modules, and then coupling it to the correct weighing instrument. Local Displays with PLC connectivity, DIN rail mount units, panel mounts, or a combination are all available from COOPER Instruments. All PLC outputs are optional along with Ethernet for the “IIoT” world.

See the list of Process Weighing products that we offer below:


DFI 920i Series – The DFI 920i® programmable weight indicator/controller is the first of its kind to blend revolutionary user interfaces, total flexibility and ultimate processing performance with the simplicity of a basic weight indicator. It has the best features from weight instruments, PLCs and computers with more robust electronics, a crisp graphical display and programmable softkeys inside a virtually indestructible enclosure. The 920i HMI indicator/controller delivers simplified customization at a fraction of the cost of traditional process instrumentation.



DFI 880/800 Plus Performance Series – Designed with the user process in mind and built for communication, the 880 Performance Series weight indicators/controllers are packed with power, yet simple in design. Intuitive multi-function menu keys allow navigation in any application and the NEMA Type 4X/IP69K-rated gasket effectively keeps internal components out of harm’s way. Twenty time- and weight-based setpoints provide ultra responsiveness to handle any process control requirement. The innovative 880 and 880 Plus also accommodate a wide range of connectivity—from USB and RS-232/ RS-485 to Ethernet TCP/IP. With two different enclosure types to choose from, the Performance Series exceeds your expectations wherever you need it.



DFI 320is Plus – Designed with the level of safety your location requires, the 320IS Plus digital weight indicator meets hazardous environment requirements without hesitation. With Factory Mutual (FM) entity approval, it is the ideal solution for dangerous and highly explosive environments. Even in dimly-lit areas, the 320IS Plus maintains brilliant visibility for user-friendly operation.  The intrinsically-safe, auto-ranging power supply is designed to meet 320IS Plus entity parameters and safely mount in hazardous areas. With this option, wiring is simplified to a single AC conduit line and seal from the safe area—barrier strips are no longer necessary. When required, an entity approved battery power supply is also available.



LTW 1000-1 – The model LTW1000-1 weigh module is designed for wash down environments, food and chemical process applications. This stainless steel, hermetically sealed load cell is offered in capacity ranges from 10kg up to 500kg. It’s used in small hopper, bin and tank weighing systems and other similar systems.



LTW 1000-3 – The LTW 1000-3 alloy steel, hermetically sealed weigh module is ideal for tank, bin and hopper weighing. It is especially designed for hopper, mixer and platform scales.

LTW 1000-5 – The LTW1000-5 stainless steel, hermetically sealed weigh module is ideal for tank, bin and hopper weighing. It is especially designed for hopper, mixer and platform scales.


LTW 5000 – The LTW 5000 is a self aligning weigh module with superior load introduction. The weigh module will be shipped completely pre-assembled, ready for installation by welding or bolting. It is used for tank, bin/hopper weighing, and silo weighing.




SCT-40 – Designed for PLC systems that require seamless integration of weight data, the SCT-40 provides reliable signal-conditioning function without the cost or bulk of a full size weight indicator/controller. With eight independent load cell channels, the SCT-40 delivers more power and more control in a compact design.