MasterLink 3000

Whether you are using standard strain gage load cells, pressure transducers, or torque transducers, the new ­MasterLink 3000 has been designed to mount directly on the transducer or connect at the end of the transducer cable.  Wireless signals can reach up to 150 feet; extended range is an available option.

The MasterLink 3000 is a stand alone wireless strain gage device amplifier that is configurable to either a handheld display, an analog output, or a USB ­interface.

The MasterLink 3000 software allows for the full configuration of the system.  A spectrum analyzer allows the user to determine an optimal channel selection and signal health can be monitored.  A nine point direct input or ­applied load calibration is setup through the software and USB device, giving maximum measurement linearity. ­Battery voltage of the MasterLink 3000 can be monitored as well.  Peak and valley conditions are inherently captured utilizing the logging capability of the software.

Up to 40 hours of operation on a rechargeable battery makes the MasterLink 3000 a reliable and low maintenance wireless solution.

Click here to download the free software for the MasterLink 3000.

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