High Speed Torque Sensor

The LXT 980/981 high speed torque sensors allow the effective torque on the gauge bar to be measured bi-directionally independent from rotational speed. The sensor comes complete with corresponding connecting cable and key stones. Integrated into the sensor structure is the transmitting shaft, the contact-free signal pick-up and the analog non-contact principle means the sensor is totally maintenance free and works over a wide temperature range. The measurement range is from 0Nm to 2000Nm in either direction.

  • non-contact principle
  • measurement range from 0 to 2000Nm bi-directionally
  • accuracy classes: LXT 980: 0.2 LXT 981: 0.1
  • high tolerable dynamic loads
  • maintenance-free operation
  • torque measurement up to 10,000 rpm
  • integrated signal conditioning
  • optional angle sensor
  • optional sensor outputs PWM, 4…20mA
  • temperature range from -30 deg C to +85 deg C

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