Retransmitting Pressure Gage

The DPG 1000 is a +/-.25% accuracy pressure gage with an optional +/-0.1% accuracy. The display offers a standard 3-1/2 digits, .5” high, with an optional 4 digit display. The DPG 1000DR has an update rate of 3 readings per second. This gage features true analog output, 50 milliseconds typical response time. Either 2 Vdc or 4-20 mA is available. The front panel TEST button, when depressed sets display and retransmission output to “test calibration” level, independent of pressure input to allow testing of system operation. Options include 0.1% accuracy and 4 digit display.

**Not available for online purchase due to the large number of potential part number combinations. Call or email for a quote.**

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