U Force Gages - Slim Line Design

The model U force gage is an accurate ±1% mechanical compression force measurement instrument. This gage employs a deflection beam machined from aircraft quality alloy steel and heat treated to develop optimum strength and spring characteristics. A precision dial indicator is mounted at the null point of this beam. The force is applied to a pressure fitting, mounted on the upper half of the beam. There are four types of fittings: domed, cupped, flat or a flat nylon insert. The flat bottom gages require only one fitting while the recessed bottom gages have a top and bottom. When the load is applied the beam moves downward causing a slanted anvil on the free end to push against the indicator plunger. The corresponding reading is a direct representation of the applied load. The U force gage is available in pounds, kilograms or newtons. There are 9 capacities ranging from 25 x .25 lbs to 10,000 x 100 lbs. On the low range models, capacities 25 to 250 lb, you can choose between flat and bottom and recessed design. On the upper ranges, only the flat bottom design is available.

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