Tension/Compression Miniature Load Cell, Range from 0-50 Gram to 0-10,000 Lbs

Tension and Compression Load Cells

If you require a comprehensive measuring tool that can take into account multiple kinds of loads, Cooper Instruments offers a wide selection tension and compression load cells.

Knowing what your circumstances are and what you need to measure is incredibly important when it comes to loading cells.

Compression cells measure straight-line, or negative, pushing force along a straight axis, which makes them ideal for weighing objects. Then there are tension cells, which measure the opposite force: positive. That means it focuses on the pull-apart, making a tension cell better-suited for cable and wire applications, like cranes.

When you need to measure both tensile and compressive loads, we offer technology that provides the best of both worlds. Many of our cell designs come with tension and compression capabilities, offering durability and environmental protection even with heavy use or harsh environments, so you can find the perfect unit for your needs. Our tension and compression load cells are designed to handle applications like plant engineering, tank weighing, robotics and more.

Ranges from 0-50 Gram to 0-10,000 Lbs

The LPM 530 is a precision miniature force cell which measures both tension and compression load forces of 50 grams to 10,000 pounds. These models are highly accurate, rugged miniature load cells. Model LPM 530’s welded, stainless steel construction utilizes a “triple stack” design to reduce the effects of off-axis loads. The internal construction assures excellent long term stability for ranges of 1,000 grams and above. All of the basic engineered concepts of larger load cells, such as precision calibration, stabilizing diaphragms, temperature compensation, etc., are built into this model.

  • tension/compression
  • miniature & rugged
  • wide capacity range
  • amplified output option

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