Miniature S-Beam Load Cell, Ranges from 0-10 Grams to 0-100 Lbs

Miniature S-Beam Load Cells

If you need to take precise measurements of tensile and compressive loads while using as little space as possible, Cooper Instruments offers miniature S-beam load cells that will get the job done.

Miniature S-beam load cells function like an ordinary load cell by sensing mechanical force and translating the force into electrical signals that you can read through a computer or hand-held monitor. However, these load cells are uniquely designed to fit in especially tight spaces for a variety of applications.

Standing just two-thirds of an inch tall, you can implement these loading cells in a huge range of applications. The medical industry is a popular area, as they are often used to weigh bags. You can also use them in machine monitoring and automatic feedback control, as well as recording rip strength of cords, ropes and wires.

Ranges from 0-10 Grams to 0-100 Lbs

The LFS 270 is a miniature tension/compression load cell. This miniature S-Beam load cell offers a unique combination of compact size with a high overload capacity rating of 1000% of full scale, which means you don’t need to understand the exact force before measuring.

The LFS 270 has two threaded #4-40 mounting holes on either end for easy installation and placement. Instrumentation sold separately.

  • tension/compression
  • 0.75 inch overall height
  • aluminum body
  • built in overload protection

Important Note: We will be transitioning all of the ranges from a 4-40 Thread to a Metric thread of M3x0.5. Currrently the LFS 270 100g and 250g are now only available in with the metric thread.

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