S Beam Load Cell, Ranges from 50 to 10,000 Lbs

S-Beam Load Cells

If you need a product that provides endurance, cost-effectiveness, high-side load rejection, reliable sealing and protection, and a variable range of operating temperatures, S-beam load cells are an ideal fit for your business.

Named for their distinct shape, these compact load cells function like most other types of load cells. They sense mechanical force and convert those readings into electrical signals you can measure for mechanical testing, ongoing system monitoring and maintenance, and industrial scales.

These cells, which measure tension and compression, are often used for weight-heavy vehicles like tanks and trucks, as well as industrial process control. Each cell features a threaded hole at each end for increased flexibility and versatility in a variety of applications, while the unique S-shaped design offers superior sealing and protection from harsh elements.

With a load capacity of up to 40,000 pounds and a construction of nickel plated alloy steel or double plated chrome, these cost-effective transducers will take on a heavy workload while remaining reliably precise.

Ranges from 0-25 Lbs to 0-40,000 Lbs

Designed for tension/compression, the Model LFS 210 S-Beam Load Cell is a high alloy tool steel strain gage load cell, constructed of nickel-plated alloy steel or double plated chrome. Compact form and high precision are combined in the S-shaped design, achieving an accuracy of ±0.05%. With our LFS 210 S-Beam Load Cell, tapped accessory holes accommodate eyebolts, rod ends and load buttons for compression or tension.

  • low price
  • compact
  • all models in stock
  • accuracy ±0.05%

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