Compression Only Canister Load Cell Ranges from 0-1000 Lbs to 750,000 Lbs

Canister Load Cells

One of the most cost-efficient, compact transducers on the market, you can utilize canister load cells to measure compression in a wide range of scenarios.

Canister load cells are ideal at measuring exact weights in industries where precision is critical. They’re most often used for weighing objects, but they can be ideal throughout the automotive industry for many different vehicles, including tractor-trailers, tanks and hoppers.

The design of these load cells affords remarkable precision with added environmental resistance. They can handle forces from a few pounds up to 375 tons for both low- and high-capacity application, and accuracy often comes within 0.03 percent.

We create the cell’s strain gauges to be bend-resistant at extremely high forces, which reduces the likelihood of failure. Because of this feature and its construction overall, these options will give you reliable readings for the foreseeable future.

Ranges from 0-1,000 Lbs to 0-750,000 Lbs

The model LRCN 730 is a high precision compression type load cell widely used throughout the weighing industry for truck, tank and track scales. It combines hermetically sealed stainless steel construction with an extremely high accuracy for precise weighing and force measurements in harsh environments. A rounded load button on the top ensures axial loading.

  • high capacity
  • hermetically sealed
  • stainless steel

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