Compression Only Subminiature Load Cell, Ranges from 0-150 Grams to 0-1000 Lbs

Subminiature Load Cells

When you’re lacking space but facing the need to register high-capacity loads at a high frequency response rate, you can trust in Cooper Instruments and our array of miniature and subminiature load cells.

Load cells allow you to measure precise forces and weights by converting them into electronic signals that can be read through a computer or monitor. Their precise readings are needed in various industries where exact weights are crucial for product safety and reliability.

Subminiature load cells are our most compact type of load cells. With models offering the compact size of a quarter with functioning capabilities that range from a few grams to hundreds of pounds, you can apply them in a variety of different industries and situations requiring precise measurements, especially if you’re lacking space. Popular businesses that utilize this technology include food manufacturers and pharmaceutical presses.

Lack of size doesn’t mean lack of durability, either. We offer subminiature loading cells with rugged construction designed to hold up in nearly any environment. A small circuit board is included in each load cell’s lead wire cable for temperature compensation. Our subminiature models can accurately measure compression only.

Ranges from 0-150 grams to 0-1,000 Lbs

Models LPM 510 subminiature load cells are designed to measure load ranges from 50 grams to 1000 pounds with a high frequency response rate. The subminiature dimensions, including diameters from 0.38″ to 0.75″ and Heights of 0.13″ to 0.25″ allow these units to be easily incorporated into systems having limited space. A small (1.0″ long x 0.08″ thick circuit board on ranges 50g – 1000g) is included in each load cell’s lead wire cable for temperature compensation.

NOTE: Please specify LPM 510A or LPM 510B when requesting a quote or ordering a subminiature load cell. For more information on the differences between LPM 510A and LPM 510B (cabling, wiring), please review the full specifications carefully. (Ranges 150G to 1000G lbs only available in LPM 510A style.)

  • compression only
  • wafer-thin
  • high/low temperature option

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