Compression Only Ultra Precision Load Cell, Ranges from 0-1000 Lbs to 0-50,000 lbs

The LGP 382 is a compression-only, low-profile, shear web designed load cell, which has brought new benefits and broader applications for the user. The resistance to extraneous forces, bending, torsion, side loads, produces high fatigue life and permits less stringent mounting alignment and reduces the possibility of reading errors. The shear webs are contoured in a manner to produce peak strain only under the gage grids. The gage tabs, bridge wiring, and compensation are located in low stress areas. The gages themselves are constructed of high endurance alloy to specified standards of high accuracy and fatigue operation on a shear web. The LGP 382 is shipped with a base plate which is used to ensure the user gets the highest accuracy.

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