Digital Force Gauges

The Series 4 and 5 Digital Force Gauges are designed for tension and compression force testing in a wide variety of industry applications. Both gauges are available in working force ranges from of 0.12 to 500 pounds (0.5 to 2500 N). The Series 4 gauge features a sampling rate of 3,000 Hz, with resolution of 1/2000 of a unit, and an on-board memory for up to 50 readings. The Series 5 gauge has a sample frequency of 7,000 Hz (resolution of 1/5000 unit) and on-board memory for up to 1,000 readings. Both gauges feature a large, backlit LCD screen for easy reading and sample menus that are user friendly, allowing easy configuration for any test situation. The gauges may be either handheld or test stand mounted, and allow data transfer to a PC by means of several different cable configurations (digital and analog). When connected to a computer, the on-board software allows one-click export of bulk data into an Excel spreadsheet.
WEIGHT: 1.0 to 1.2 lb, depending on model and options 
WARRANTY: Three years 
INCLUDED: Carrying case with chisel, cone, V-groove, hook, flat, extension rod, AC adapter, battery, USB cable, software, certificate of calibration, user manual

Video Demonstration:
Basic Use Demonstration

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