Test Stands: A Stand for Every Situation

At Cooper Instruments & Systems, we are focused on providing quality solutions for all your needs. That’s why we carry a number of different test stands for our customers. No matter the application or capacity needed, we are here to provide you with the custom test stands necessary to get the job done right.


T-Rex Test Stand


The T-Rex Test Stand is known to work well under pressure. Just as the name suggests, this stand has been designed to work with a variety of materials, components, and tests. Its new and improved heavy-duty design includes a counterbalanced bolster, improved geometric accuracy, moveable cylinder position, an anti-cylinder rotation device, modular electronics packaging, and aluminum extruded components. T-Rex test stands are often used for materials like concrete, metals, plastics, paper, wood, and more. Furthermore, Cooper Instruments & Systems can work with you to develop a custom design perfect for your situation.


Custom Test Stands


In addition to the T-Rex Test Stand, we offer a number of other custom stands. We understand that no two jobs are the same, and we are happy to work with you to design a stand that meets your specific needs. Here is a look at two samples we have designed:


Force Calibration Machine (FCM)


The FCM is a preferred instrument because of its low cost and large range of force. This test stand serves as an in-house quick check system that allows customers to quickly verify the accuracy of their compression force measuring device without slowing down the process.


Cooper Tensile Tester (CTT)


Designed for clients working in a manufacturing environment, the CTT can be used for high load applications up to 20K+. This instrument is durable and accurate making it a worry free solution for customers who need a precise instrument in a busy setting.


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