Cooper Instruments: Your Source for Force & Pressure Instrumentation

Founded in 1985 by Sam and Rex Cooper, Cooper Instruments & Systems has been independently owned and operated for more than three decades. As a leader in the industry of force and pressure measurement and testing, we are dedicated to representing and serving this specialized sector. But despite filling this niche, we’re proud to say our offerings are applicable across a wide range of industries.

Though Sam Cooper has since passed away, his son, Rex, is devoted to keeping his father’s passion, philosophy, spirit, and dedication alive in everything Cooper Instruments does as it moves forward. By providing thorough calibration services for all our custom-engineered and -designed solutions, we are able to stand out from our competitors in several ways.

Our Products and Services

  • Load Cells: Load cells are our specialty. We sell every type, including beam, subminiature, S-beam, compact, pancake, donut, canister, tension, platform, and compression load cells. These tools function by creating an electrical output signal that is proportionate to an applied weight or force.
  • Pressure Transducers/GaugesOur gauges and sensors function by creating an electrical signal from liquid or gas and are necessary for several complex industrial processes. We carry many different styles, from transducers with between 0.5 and 60,000 psi to ones with multiple output options, such as voltage, millivolt, and current.

We also offer expert-level calibration servicestest stands, transducers, force instruments, load cell instrumentation, and more.

Industries We Serve

As mentioned above, the versatility of Cooper Instruments & Systems in applications is an aspect that helps us stand out from other companies. Some of the industries our products and services are suitable for include:

Benefits of Working With Cooper Instruments

With so many companies to choose from to supply effective sensors for several applications, Cooper Instruments & Systems is among the best for several reasons, including:

  • Excellent Customer Service: Our team will work with customers to create custom solutions that meet the exact specifications of what their company needs.
  • Diverse Product Lines: Cooper Instruments offers more options and product lines than our competitors. For load cells specifically, we have a unique range of capacities from 0 to 10 grams or 0 to 3 million pounds.
  • Flexible Systems Offerings: Since we are both the distributor and manufacturer of high-quality force and pressure instruments, we can customize our offerings to suit your exact needs. Plus, you’re only working with one company to both design and deliver your equipment. We’re a one-stop shop.

Reach Out to Us With Any Questions

For more information about Cooper Instruments & Systems and how our products and services can help improve your business, we invite you to visit our brand new website and online catalog at! We post regular updates about topics related to force and pressure instrumentation, as well as other relevant industry news. If you would like to contact us regarding questions or to order products, contact us online anytime, call us toll-free at 800-344-3921 or send us an email at