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Cooper Instruments & Systems is a worldwide leading supplier of force and pressure instrumentation, sensor systems and custom calibration services. Headquartered in Virginia since 1988, our force load and pressure products and systems have been used extensively around the globe. Our applications cross numerous industries. See our core products and services below.

Our catalog is currently under construction. If you are looking for a specific product or are unable to find something that you have ordered before, please reach out to us using our contact form or give us a call at 1-800-344-3921, and we would be happy to help.

Force, Pressure, Torque, Weight and Data Made Simple

Our dedicated sales professionals, customer service representatives and technical staff are the best in the business. Whether you need load cell instrumentation, force instruments, and pressure sensors/transmitters, transducers, test stands or a completely calibrated system, we will develop the right solution to meet your needs.

From initial consultation to estimating, scheduling and planning, order processing, development and testing, manufacturing, and shipping, you can be assured that Cooper Instruments is involved throughout every step in the process. We will meet your specifications from products and calibration to deadline and budget.

Our products are tested and retested to ensure precise results for every use and application. Our state-of-the-art testing lab ensures that all calibration services meet the strictest industry and testing guidelines. Thousands of businesses have turned to Cooper Instruments for complete solutions with their force, pressure and measurement needs.

Why Choose Cooper Instruments & Systems?

We aren’t just a distributor of the force and pressure instruments that keep your industry running, we’re a manufacturer. This gives us the freedom to build and customize solutions to suit your precise specifications. If you don’t find the exact equipment components you need on our category pages, we’ll gladly help. If we don’t have it, we’ll modify an existing piece to meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on our willingness to work with customers for accurate results — just let us know and we can customize what you need to meet OEM standards.




A few of the primary products and services we provide include:

    • Load Cells: We sell every type of load cell, including beam, S-beam, subminiature, compact, canister, pancake, donut, tension, compression and platform load cells. These devices give an electrical output signal proportional to applied force or weight. We have the advantage over the competition with our unique ability to offer a range of load cell capacities from zero to 10 grams to zero to 3 million pounds, as well as competitive pricing to meet your budget.
    • Calibration Services: Whether you originally purchased your instruments from us or not, our expert technicians provide precision calibration for pressure, load and torque sensors with optional test standards traceable to NIST Z540 with A2LA certification through one of our partners. Our top priority is ongoing accuracy, so we offer discounts if you sign up for a contract for one, two or three years at a guaranteed price. We’ll even send automatic reminders for calibration due dates to keep your instruments accurate without you putting the time in to keep track.
    • Pressure Transducers/Gauges: Most often used to convert gas or liquid media into an electrical signal, these sensors and gauges are required in several industrial work processes. We offer countless styles, like units with flush diaphragm pressure ports and standard NPT, absolute and differential pressure measurement and gauge transducers. With transducers from 0.5 psi to 60,000 psi and a variety of outputs like voltage, current and millivolt, Cooper Instruments & Systems can offer what you need.
    • Test Stands: We sell a T-Rex test stand that accommodates several materials and components. With the capacity for four tons in tension and 10 in compression, it can complete extraction force tests, mechanical connection tests, verification of adhesive bond strength and other processes for concrete, adhesives, foils, paper, wood and more. Our tables can come with custom qualities and optional components for customers with specific job needs that the original table won’t work for.

    Industries We Serve

    At Cooper Instruments & Systems, you can consider us a one-stop shop no matter what industry you’re in. Instead of wasting time shopping around for the various equipment you need to get the job done right, come to us for the perfect solution across the board. We have extensive experience serving industries like automotive, construction, manufacturing, aerospace, energy, laboratories, materials testing, food and beverage, medical and countless others.

    United States, Europe and Asia Markets

    Whether your business is located in Virginia, New Jersey, California or Minnesota, or you operate plants in Brussels, Germany, or Japan, we can deliver your order well packaged, safely and on time.

    For more information please call 1-800-344-3921, or 540-349-4746, or Request a Quote here.