LX-1 - Digital Tension Meter

The LX-1 series digital tension meter is a hand-held device for measuring tension in a variety of round and flat materials (wire, tape, rope, etc.) The tension scale is adjustable for measuring in Lbs, Kg or Newtons, in ranges above 5 pounds. The large, easy-to-read backlit display shows Tension, Battery Charge Level, and Material selected. A memory button allows for storage of up to five separate tension readings, plus an average of these values. The instrument is available in two models. The LX-1 utilizes a grooved pulley for measuring round-shaped materials. The LXR-1 employs a non-grooved 1″ wide pulley for measuring flat, thin materials such as tapes or ribbons. Select the material and size, and the instrument automatically adjusts the calibration from preprogrammed data. Or store up to ten custom calibrations in the instrument. Both models are available in two separate ranges, 5-25 Lbs, and 25-500 Lbs. Operated from either rechargeable batteries or AC power, the units shut off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use. For travel or storage, the unit is well-protected in a durable, lightweight carrying case. Factory calibrated to national standards; calibration certificate included.

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