Motorized Test Stand W/PC Control

With a tension and compression measurement range of up to 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN), the Mark-10 ESM1500 motorized test stand is a useful tool in any measurement laboratory or production setting. Pair it with an indicator/load cell combination, or with a force gauge. Its single-column construction and easy set-up and positioning make it a strong choice for break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load or distance, load-holding, elongation testing, tensile and compression testing, and more. Its generous travel, clearance, and depth dimensions allow it to perform a wide range of tests, and its easy-to-use controller menu makes it a breeze to configure such parameters as test speed, force and distance limits, cycling and preload. It connects to your PC by USB, allowing quick analysis and graphing of your data with its built-in MESUR software. And because of the ESM1500’s unique modular controller function platform, you can easily add optional features as the need arises – a valuable feature for the budget-conscious operation.

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