Mechanical and Motorized Test Stands

Mechanical and Motorized Test Stands

Cooper Instruments offers a wide and unique range of motorized force measurement and torque measurement test stands. Motorized stands offer a significant advantage over manual test stands by providing constant test speed. Some models can be programmed for advanced test sequences to accommodate demanding applications. Typically the test stand will require one of our electronic force gages to be integrated with the stand.

Cooper Instruments also offers an extensive line of manual force measurement. Test stands are useful in eliminating the variability inherent in hand testing and can help to automate test processes. A wide range of capacities, loading methods, and configurations are available.

What Are Test Stands?

Test stands, designed to measure either torque or force, are an essential tool for force or torque analysis in various products. Most test stands require the integration of one of our additional electronic force gauges to function as a force or torque tester. When used with a gauge, test stands can perform assessments that couldn’t be taken through just the gauge alone.

When combined with a force gauge, a force test stand measures the tension and compression of an object using a wide force range. Our force stands are suitable for laboratory and production environments and can handle a variety of applications.

Force test stands are used to measure strengths of materials, including metals, plastics, concrete, adhesives, packaging, paper and many other product types. Some of the stands’ many testing uses include:

  • Strength testing
  • Compression testing
  • Break testing
  • Cycling
  • Tensile testing
  • General inspecting and testing of precision parts

Similarly, a torque test stand works with an added torque sensor to test various applications. Tests such as fastener and closure torque testing are performed on fastening products and products with rotating parts, such as engines and motors.

Both torque and force tests are needed in a variety of industries. Common applications of our test stands include testing in the product manufacturing and automotive industries, but stands can be used for any application requiring precise and constant measurements.

Types of Test Stands

There are two basic types of test stands suited to handle torque and force testing in a variety of applications and conditions: mechanical and motorized test stands.

1. Mechanical Test Stands

Mechanical test stands, also known as manual test stands, are hand-operated stands suited for nearly any industry. They provide reliability and consistency without the heavy costs often associated with advanced motorized systems.

Mechanical stands offer basic force testing and can rapidly test either tension and compression or torque for accurate and repeatable results. They’re designed to integrate with our force or torque gauges to create a measurement system suited for various applications and environments.

We offer two types of mechanical stands: hand wheel and lever. Hand wheel test stands are easy to use and ideal for precise control applications, while lever test stands offer fine-tuned controlling and is suited for applications requiring rapid testing.

2. Motorized Test Stands

Motorized test stands are automated test stand solutions that offer constant test speeds without the need for a manual handwheel or lever.

Motorized stands are designed to work with our gauges for complete force or torque measurements, achieving the greatest possible accuracy for a wide range of product testing. They’re highly configurable and can be programmed for use in nearly any application, including even the most precise or demanding uses. Some models can be programmed for advanced test sequences to handle tough industry demands.

These stands are ideal for force or torque measurements requiring high repeatability, as they provide constant test speeds at high accuracy.

We offer both vertical and horizontal motorized test stand designs to give you greater flexibility in your purchase. Horizontal designs are ideal for easy sample setups, and both types of stands allow for powerful and smooth operation.

Test Stand Calibration

Calibration of test stand gauges is necessary for ensuring your stand’s reliability and accuracy throughout its lifespan while maintaining your industry’s quality standards. Test stand calibration is recommended about once every year, but heavy use or different company standards may require more frequent tuning and repairs.

No matter how often you need calibration for your test stand equipment, our premier multiyear calibration services are designed to help you make the most out of your test stand. Our services allow you to take the hassle and guesswork out of servicing your mechanical or motorized stand.

Stands are sent to our lab for recalibration through our state-of-the-art calibration equipment. We offer 17025 and ASTM E74 calibration services through our partner network to meet your product’s needs.

T-Rex Test Stands

Our T-Rex test stand is popular for its capacity to accommodate several components, product tests and materials like metals, rigid plastics, foil, paper, wood and more. A capacity of four tons in tension and 10 tons in compression make this rugged, flexible system applicable to countless processes like extraction force tests, adhesive bond strength verification, mechanical connection tests, crushing strength review and more. It offers improved geometry accuracy, moveable cylinder position, modular electronics packaging and other useful benefits.

Test Stand Customization

Like all our products, we manufacture and distribute our motorized test stands to meet your application demands, which is why we offer customization if you can’t find what you need. Call us at 1-800-344-3921 or 540-349-4746 if you don’t see a test stand that works for you in our inventory. If we can’t find one either, we’ll modify the specifications of existing equipment to meet your standards or OEM specifications. A few of the optional components for our testing stands include:

  • Digital travel indicator
  • Ultra-precision load cell
  • Electric pump
  • RS 232/analog outputs.

At Cooper Instruments, we realize that no single product can meet every individual need, which is why we offer such a large selection of custom designs for test stands and other products. We have a long history of building custom motorized and mechanical test stands for our customers and a track record of customer satisfaction. While many other companies are limited in their offerings, we work with you to help you find exactly what you need. Our custom solutions are always designed with you and your unique needs in mind.

Contact Cooper Instruments & Systems

In addition to the motorized test stands we sell, we also offer NIST-traceable calibration services to keep your equipment functioning properly. We’ll give you a discount when you sign up for a one-, two- or three-year contract, which includes locked-in, affordable prices, automatic updates for calibration due dates, priority technical support from our experts and many more advantages. These contracts, like our equipment, are fully customizable based on your company’s unique needs. Request a quote today to experience our determination to find the right solution for your company, no matter your location or needs.

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