Load Cells

About Load Cells

Load cells indicate the weight and force of the load they carry. They appear in everyday objects, like weight scales, but their ability to measure in so many applications makes them appealing to a wide range of industries. Companies use load cells for weighing items, process control, wire tension measurement and other forms of testing. The output measured by a load cell includes force, load and weight, providing multiple data points at once. Certain load cells can be used together to sense objects with a wider weight distribution.

You can find load cells in numerous shapes and sizes that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The load’s capacity, environment and application all determine which type of load cell will work best for a situation. Some load cells are as small as a quarter, while others can accommodate thousands of pounds. Load cells most commonly use strain gauge technology, but they can also implement pneumatic, piezoelectric or hydraulic technology.

When purchasing a load cell, you must consider factors such as load weight, variances and usage conditions. Choosing the correct unit for your intended results becomes easier with help from a product distributor or another industry expert. No matter what kind of load cell you need, we offer just about any product on the market. If you can’t find what you want, we can customize a load cell to the standards you specify. Determine all the necessary components for your application, then purchase them all from Cooper Instruments & Systems.

Types of Load Cells

Just a few different types of load cells that we can proudly offer at the highest quality include:

  • Universal Load Cell: These components can accurately measure forces in tension and compression in high-control situations. Their low-profile design saves space and offers stability when precision is key. Since they work for tasks involving both compression and tension, universal load cells can assist in just about any industrial application.
  • Low-Capacity Load Cell: For low-range load, force and weight, you still need high-end instrumentation for accuracy. Our inventory has several low-capacity load cells with several configuration options. Low-capacity load cells work as an affordable option for situations involving lighter weights, yet they provide similar accuracy to more expensive models when used correctly. When you need to measure smaller loads on a lower budget, low-capacity load cells are often the best option.
  • Pancake Load Cell: These units offer high precision without load-condition sensitivity. They are sometimes called low-profile load cells. Many pancake load cells feature multiple small holes suited for secure mounting.
  • Donut Load Cells: Also called thru-hole, these donut-shaped load cells are used for bolt force measurement, post or leg mount, clamping force and more. They’re highly accurate and offer high stiffness for applications that require off-center, compression or press loading.
  • Digital Load Cells: By reading individual data instead of an analog voltage, digital load cells can provide accurate and reliable measurements. They also offer a stronger signal and have no risk of interference from radio frequencies and electromagnetics. Since digital load cells transfer information many times per second, they give you an accurate reading faster than analog cell loads.
  • Wireless Load Cell System: In almost any industry, it’s possible to find yourself in situations where you can’t maneuver the necessary cables to work with your load cell, or running them could cause damage or cost too much. A wireless load cell system can prove useful in a variety of circumstances.

Calibration Services

We do more than just manufacture and distribute load cells. We also offer calibration services with Z540, A2LA certification test standards through our partners so your current equipment stays precise. We use three-point, two-run and five-point single-run processes to test for nonlinearity and hysteresis performance and repeatability, all of which are NIST traceable.

When you opt into one of our contracts for one, two or three years at a locked price, you’ll even get a discount. If you don’t want to keep track of your equipment yourself, we can do it for you and send you calibration due date reminders. This system gives you more time and energy to focus on your work.

Selection for Several Industries at Cooper Instruments & Systems

We serve countless industries to bring leading businesses the load cells and calibration services they require. Some of our most common customers and businesses include:

  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Education

When you choose our company, you’ve decided to go the route of a one-stop shop where you can get any type of load cell you need without jumping from provider to provider. Most load cell manufacturers will only stock their own products, making the customer visit more than one store to browse all the available options. At Cooper Instruments & Systems, we carry load cells from a wide range of manufacturers, giving us one of the most diverse inventories in the business. That’s because we understand what you need and value your time more than we worry about the competition. In our inventory, you’ll find beam, S-beam, platform, compression and tension load cells and many other types in several models with different capacities. You can access a range of capacities from 0-10 grams to 0-3 million pounds.

If you check our inventory and can’t find the specific product you need, give us a call at 1-800-344-3921 or 540-349-4746 — our representatives will be happy to help you find the perfect component. If we still can’t find what you need, we’ll tap into our customization practice and modify an already-existing load cell for your unique specifications or to meet OEM standards.

Markets in the United States, Asia, Europe and More

At Cooper Instruments & Systems, our top priority is exceptional customer service and quick, affordable solutions. We sell throughout the United States and internationally, so request a quote today.

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