DCI 101/120 - Bridge/Strain Gauge Data Loggers

The DCI 101 and DCI 120 are miniature, battery-powered bridge/strain recorders designed to record measurements automatically at time intervals ranging from 20 Hz to 12 hours. These stand-alone devices feature real-time clock modules that allow for high-speed downloads. The devices can measure and record more than 32,000 measurements per channel. Data is stored in flash memory, providing maximum data protection even when the battery is fully discharged. Each device can be remotely started and stopped from a computer, and data is quickly retrievable. Just plug the unit into a COM or USB port and use the easy-to-use the Windows-based software to display and analyze your data. The DCI 101 takes readings from 4Hz to 1 every 24 hours. The DCI 120 can record readings from 20 times per second to once every 12 hours. These devices are perfect for interfacing with such measurement instruments as strain gauges, load cells and pressure transducers.

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