Din Rail Mount

The DCD 4059 is a high-quality load cell excitation voltage generator coupled with a processor that receives, filters, normalizes and transmits an isolated DC voltage output for data recorders and other devices. It can handle four different load cells/bridges at the same time, making it a valuable exciter/transmitter for test applications involving many points of data collection. In contrast to an off-the-shelf, all-in-one strain or pressure gauge, this device is the controller behind any custom-designed measuring application you need that receives its input from load cells, strain sensors or pressure transducers. You select the correct sensor(s) for your application, and the DCD 4059 excites them and provides you with a clean output voltage for whatever purpose you need it for. It is a module designed for rack mounting with other modules to produce a large bank of processors. An example of an application for the DCD 4059 might be a manufacturing operation where constant monitoring of pressures through the entire production chain maintains machine adjustments, quality control and insures operational safety. Other applications include load cell weighing systems, or monitoring of extruder pressures or crane loads. Whether your operation requires one sensor or forty, you can install as many modules as your situation requires.

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