It’s no question that OHAUS has become a global leader in the weighing industry — it has been indisputable since its growth from a small scale-repair business. Its scales are user-friendly, full-featured, reliable and affordable. In fact, there are loyal customers across six continents, which goes to show the quality of the items OHAUS produces. At Cooper Instruments & Systems, we’re excited to help you find the right OHAUS scale or another instrument to apply in your work and solve measurement problems you might be having.

For more than 100 years, OHAUS has been a leading source of scales and balances for laboratory, industrial, education, retail, food, jewelry and specialty markets. From models like the AdventurerTM Pro, which counts, sums, holds and delivers traceable results, to the portable Scout® Pro, which features easy-to-use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD, multiple weighing units and four application modes, OHAUS laboratory scales offer a wide variety of options to fit any application. OHAUS industrial scales offer many features and options for industrial applications, such as parts counting, percent weighing, dynamic/animal weighing, check-weighing, totalization, washdown and many more.

At Cooper Instruments & Systems, we can provide the help you need if you’re unsure whether an OHAUS scale is the right instrumentation for your purposes. We’ll answer any questions you have about specific models, their capabilities, best uses, calibration and more. Contact our sales team at 800-344-3921 for help selecting the perfect OHAUS scale for your application.

The OHAUS Product Line

When it comes to the history of OHAUS, the most important thing to know about is its dedication to matching scale design and craft with the trends, demands and expectations specific industries are bound to have. It knows performance expectations and the value these scales need to bring to the table. The weighing instruments coming from its manufacturing process and selling in the Cooper Instruments & Systems inventory meet and exceed those expectations every time.

Scales from OHAUS for any industry are durable, easy-to-use, reliable, long-lasting and require the minimum amount of setup. They produce accurate results every time they’re used, which is crucial in most lines of work, but especially so in laboratories and industrial operations:

  • OHAUS Laboratory Scales: The OHAUS laboratory products include analytical, precision, mechanical and portable balances, along with mechanical scales and more. Laboratory applications for scales and other measurement instrumentation requires the most precise operations available in the weighing industry. Life science, cancer medicine research and disease study can all lead to life-or-death results. OHAUS produces the scales that can help achieve positive outcomes in such a critical line of work.
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  • OHAUS Industrial Scales: OHAUS makes quality bench scales, counting scales and much more. Products that come from the CL Series, CS Series, Ranger® 4000 and Defender® 5000, among others, have industrial capabilities that make them a popular choice for our loyal customers. Many are made with die-cast metal with a rechargeable battery. They have to be high-quality and precise, but they must also maintain ruggedness in order to serve properly in rough industrial work environments.
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OHAUS scales can display a variety of weights with high precision. They’re built differently depending on the needs of the industry and specific customer, but can be equipped with high-functioning and convenient batteries, multiple connectivity options and intuitive software. Now that you know the benefits of choosing OHAUS, where are you going to get your laboratory or industrial scales?

Cooper Instruments & Systems: Your OHAUS Distributor

We’re dedicated to offering the most top-of-the-line products on the market to our customers and transforming into a one-stop shop to meet their needs, which is why we sell our own products along with those from leading manufacturers like OHAUS. Because we recognize the quality and reliability that comes from OHAUS scales of any variety, we sell a number of their products in our online inventory, from OHAUS industrial scales to laboratory scales and more.

For affordable components from an OHAUS-authorized distributor, check out our full OHAUS product line and guides to help you make appropriate selections in your search:

  • Ohaus-Cooper Industrial Products: We offer indicators, price computing scales, counting scales and more. Find our entire selection of OHAUS industrial scales here.
  • 2016 Ohaus-Cooper Lab Electrochemistry Catalog: Browse our inventory to find the OHAUS laboratory scales you need for your operations. You’ll find our entire selection of these products in the catalog.
  • Electrochemistry Selector Guide: Find information on bench, portable and pen meters from measurement range, input, calibration and battery power to touch-screen availability, auto shut-off and much more.
  • Industrial Scale Selector Guide: Compact bench scales, counting scales and modular bench scales have countless capabilities and features you’ll need to choose from, including parts counting, check weighing, percent weighing, LED components and more.
  • Lab Balance Selector Guide: Check here to see our analytical balances, precision balances, portables and moisture analyzers. You’ll find out about their readability range, parts counting, density determination, Bluetooth capability and countless other features.

If you have questions or want help interpreting anything in the above catalogs and guides, contact us and we’ll help you figure out which product best applies to your circumstances.

Calibration Services for the OHAUS Product Line and Our Other Instruments

When you choose Cooper Instruments & Systems, you’re choosing more than just the reliable, high-performing instruments and customization. We also bring calibration services to you so you can keep your measurements as precise as possible. Industries like manufacturing, construction, medical, materials testing and more need their results to be entirely accurate, and the most important step toward achieving that goal is proper calibration. Let us know when you need calibration and what date of delivery you want, and we’ll handle it.

Even the best, most cutting-edge instruments need calibration on a regular basis to stay precise and offer accuracy over the long term, but we know how busy the industries we serve can get. You have a lot on your mind trying to lead the competition, so we take the burden of calibration off you by keeping track of any equipment you bring to us. If it’s due for its annual or, in some cases, semi-annual calibration servicing, we’ll know about it right away. We’ll also send reminders if you want them so you never go a single day with uncalibrated OHAUS scales.

Our calibration contracts, open for three-, two- and one-year periods, have provided customers with a number of invaluable benefits. We’ll handle your annual force and pressure calibration while you’re under contract with us, and if one of our specific options doesn’t work for your company, we’ll talk with you to design a service contract that meets your required specifications. Feel free to call or email us if you want to discuss available options for your calibration contract. No matter which one you end up with, you’ll have access to benefits like:

  • Immediate discounts: When you sign up for any one of our service agreements, we’ll discount your overall price. We want to reward your loyalty and say thanks for trusting us with your equipment. We trust you’ll be signing up and receiving our discounts each time your contract period ends.
  • Guaranteed pricing: Once discounts are applied and the contract has been agreed upon, your prices will be set permanently for that period. You’ll never have to worry about changes to your payments or getting stuck with fluctuating numbers. It’s a fixed, affordable price for our quality calibration.
  • Extended warranties: With the contract comes an extended warranty — two additional months on our calibration services, which we perform for each piece of equipment you bring to us. Whether you bring us your OHAUS laboratory scales, torque sensors, pressure transducers, OHAUS industrial scales or other products, we’re confident in our ability to calibrate them correctly, so we extend the warranty with all contracts.
  • Convenient information: If you ever need calibration data from the components you bring to us, we can let you know the work we’ve completed for you throughout the years. We’ll locate and present the information to you quickly so you don’t have to wait.
  • Priority treatment: While we treat all our customers with respect — quality customer service is one of our top targets — we give priority technical support to anybody with a calibration contract. Our experts provide support by email or phone depending on your preference, and we’ll also priority handle any orders you place with us.
  • Quality equipment: No matter what product you’re having calibrated or serviced, you can expect it to happen on our state-of-the-art equipment, which we use to ensure our processes are as accurate as possible. We focus on quality control — no more worry about unannounced audits. Through our partner network, we provide 17025- and ASTM E74-quality calibrations, and every in-house calibration we complete is NIST-traceable.

Why Choose Cooper Instruments & Systems for Your OHAUS Scales and Services?

When it comes to your force measurement equipment, choosing our company is one of the best decisions you can make. The OHAUS scales we provide are top-of-the-line, and if none of them are right for you, we’ll work with you to come up with a custom solution that meets your needs. We’re always willing to modify specifications on existing products so we can hand you tools to get your unique job done right. We’ll work with you to customize and modify until your end product meets OEM standards and completes your task.

At Cooper Instruments & Systems, our quality standards pass GSK audits and reach the reliability you expect when you need high-precision industrial and laboratory scales from OHAUS or other manufacturers. We’re committed to providing the right solution to you within your budget to solve your measurement needs. Request your free quote right away to find out just how much we look forward to the next challenge you bring our way.