You need to test what?

When we released our high force hydraulic test stand line a few years ago, our sales personnel politely, yet with surprise, asked that question of many customers who inquired about the system. The answers ranged from bathtub strength to linear actuator testing to load cell calibration. While there are “standard” systems offered, we realized that most applications require a slight adjustment and therefore we resolved to not paint ourselves into a corner. As a result, the test stand product line was developed to maximize our ability to provide standardized-custom solutions. While that may at first seem like an oxymoron, the fact is that our standard product is fully customizable but at the same time we are able to keep development costs and lead times to a minimum. Here is a summary of the standardized-custom solutions we provide:


T-Rex Test Stand – This system was developed to provide a versatile test stand capable of compression and tension testing. While the more common unit is capable of 20000 lbs in compression and 8000 lbs in tension, we have developed systems up to 100000 lbs of compression force and 50000 lbs of tension force. These systems have been fitted with micro-control pressure valves and displacement transducers for the precise application of force, while monitoring the displacement of the specimen being tested. This system has been recently updated focusing on increasing geometrical accuracy to allow for a wider range of applications.


T-Rex Bench Stand – A precise, bench top model of its predecessor, this stand is used as a compression-only system that is capable of high loads for lower height test pieces. This system is also customizable for lower force, higher force, or tension and compression applications. Couple this system with an electric pump and a pressure relief valve, and it would make a perfect force controlled bearing press system for the assembly line.


Force Calibration Machine (FCM) – The FCM was developed specifically for load cell testing and calibration. This compression system is extremely geometrically accurate and can be utilized for a yearly in-house calibration of load cells or for system setup of load cells with their respective fixturing. The FCM can be provided with an accurate load cell standard for low uncertainty calibrations or it can be provided with a pressure transducer to provide still accurate measurements, but with higher uncertainty. This system allows for the in-house verification of low capacity to high capacity load measuring devices.



Each of the listed systems has an appropriate use for the customer’s application. However, what we can provide at Cooper Instruments & Systems is more than just a test stand – it is a relationship with our customers to determine the intricacies of their application and then to provide them with a solution to their compression and tension testing requirements. We are agile in our development process and have enough experience with answering our own question, ‘you need to test what?’ to provide compression and tension testing solutions to our customers on-time and within budget.