Whitepaper: Does New “Stuff” Need to Be Calibrated?

In this white paper found on Quality Magazine’s website, Hill Cox, president of the American Measuring Tool Manufacturers Association, discusses:

  • The importance calibrating “new stuff” (his technical term for new, unused gages)
  • Why you shouldn’t assume that your new gage meets the specifications that it should
  • What he feels is the only way to ensure that your items are good on the way in – calibration

Click here to view the white paper.

Of course at Cooper Instruments, we understand these problems and work hard to ensure that every product we sell is delivered in working order and within stated specification. We are also capable of providing calibration checks on anymanufacturer’s load cell system.

Although we do our best to ensure that our customers do not encounter the problems referenced in Cox’s white paper, he does make a valid point in his last sentence: the only way to confirm your gage is good is to check it yourself. Cooper Instruments has a solution for this too – the FCM Force Calibration Machine. This precision instrument serves as an in-house quick check system for customers who need their force measurement devices quickly verified between calibration cycles. For more on how the FCM can benefit your business, read this white paper, written by Cooper Instruments design engineer Mike Price.

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