Introducing T-Rex Test Stand A Portable Hydraulic Test System

Designed for use where work happens – on your production floor.


Optional Components Available:

  • Digital Height Micrometer – Frame Mount
  • Digital Travel Indicator
  • WinWedge Serial Data Acquisition Software
  • Ultra Precision Load Cell
  • Electric Pump
  • Custom Fixtures Available
  • RS 232/Analog Outputs

T-rex Custom Designs:

Cooper Instruments realizes that a uniform product cannot meet everyone’s needs. This is why we are working with our customers to create custom versions of our test stand. Click on TRex Custom Designs to see how T-Rex can evolve to meet your specific needs.

Ask about System Retrofits to your existing press. T-Rex designs available in 25 and 55 tons.

The T-Rex Test Stand has been designed to accommodate a variety of materials, component and product tests. This rugged and flexible system provides the capacity of 4 tons in tension and 10 tons in compression. The numerous applications possible with the T-Rex System include: mechanical connection tests, adhesive bond strength verification, extraction force tests, crushing strength review and many other test applications. Material strengths typically investigated include metals, rigid plastics, concrete, adhesives, foils, paper, packaging, wood and others.

New and Improved, Heavy Duty T-Rex Test Stand

  • Improved Geometry Accuracy
  • Counterbalanced bolster
  • Moveable Cylinder position
  • Modular electronics packaging
  • Anti-cylinder rotation device
  • Aluminum extruded components

Standard and Optional Components Include:


DFI Infinity Digital Indicator/Controller


  • 6 digit controller
  • 4 alarm set points
  • Zero Tare
  • Channels: 1
  • Temperature (operating): 32° to 130° F
  • HI/LO Limits (Dual): 4 standard
  • Amplifier Accuracy: .005% of Reading
  • Peak/Valley Hold: Standard

Digiforce Press Monitor


  • Transparent operating concept even for inexperienced staff
  • Especially economical press-fit and process monitoring
  • For manual workstations and automated systems
  • 8 measurement programs for 8 different parts
  • For strain gauges, piezo, potentiometric sensors and process signals
  • Network connection via Ethernet, RS485 or Profibus
  • Graphic display of press-fit curve
  • Control via parallel I/O ports or Profibus
  • Multi-channel expandability
  • Optionally clinch point control with acquisition and evaluation of remaining plate thickness
  • Application convenient housing designs available, as front-panel meter, desktop and cabinet mounted version
  • User-oriented PC data acquisition software DigiControl

Hydraulic Hand Pump


  • All metal, heavy duty construction
  • P159D Double Acting Hand Pump
  • Maximum Pressure (psi): 325 LP, 10,000 HP
  • Oil Port (in.): 3/8 NPTF

Hydraulic Cylinder


  • Heavy duty load cap & safety relief valve
  • RD1010 Double Acting Cylinder
  • Capacity: 10 Ton Push, 4 Ton Pull

Bolster Plate


  • 3/4-16 Thread center hole

Force Limiting Valve


  • Allows users to set a load limit in either tension or compression

Micro Force Control Valve


  • 10,000 PSI Max. Capacity
  • 0.03% of range fine adjustment
  • 25% of range coarse adjustment
  • Used for increasing and decreasing measurements

LTR 820 Load Cell


  • Load Ranges: 0 – 20,000 lb.
  • Accuracy: 0.25% F.S.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Shown with Compression Button (included)

LGP 380 Ultra Precision Load Cell


  • Tension/compression
  • Accuracy to ± 0.02%
  • High output – 4Mv/v
  • Eccentric load compensated
  • Low deflection

Digital Height Micrometer




  • Used with Digitforce Monitor to plot distance vs. load

Choice of Casters or Leveling Feet