T-Rex Custom Designs…the Evolution Continues

trex_logo2As a standard system, the T-Rex offers a rugged and versatile platform from which a variety of compression and tension tests can be accommodated.  But, as the needs of our customers come in many shapes and sizes, so do the systems solutions we design to fit them.  The next generation of T-Rex Systems is always just a phone call away as we design a test solution as unique as the job you do, and the products you produce.

Sample Client Custom Designs



CSA International Press, T-Rex Custom DesignT-Rex – Unique Designs for Unique Applications

The CSA mark appears on over one billion products worldwide, and that number continues to grow.  A leading provider of product testing and certification services, CSA International needed two custom systems built to service their special testing requirements.  The design team at Cooper Instruments and Systems accommodated the special product test needs of CSA, fabricating these units, on time and on budget.

Client Requirements

  • Custom press frame sized to accommodate specific products to be tested.
  • DFI Indicator and LFS210 Load Cell
  • Cylinder extension bar and other custom features


CSA Press CSA Press CSA Press


T-Rex PressT-Rex Takes on New Shapes — A Custom Press and Shear Test System

In this example, the customer required that we design a test unit that fit itself to their unique product and test methods. We were able to accommodate the design requirements by combining our wide range of standard products with years of experience in meeting special application needs.

Client Requirements

  • DFI Infinity Indicator with peak capture
  • Removable bench setup plates per customer spec
  • Custom frame dimensions with 4000 lb. tension hydraulic cylinder

CSA Press Company X Company X


T-Rex PressT-Rex — Multiple Component Testing with Ease

This customer required a system to conduct push and shear stress tests on component parts of their products. A longer than typical extension was required to permit the length of the tested parts between the bolster and load cell. They also needed a bench top system which could accommodate different work holding arrangements easily and quickly.

T-Rex Made in America