Press Release: Cooper Introduces Model 7i

We have announced a new product that has been added to our catalog. The Model 7i Force/Torque Gauge will bring additional options to our electronic gauge offerings.

A progression of Models 3i and 5i which were introduced last year, the Model 7i offers more advanced features than its predecessors. Like the 3i and 5i, the 7i indicators work with new Plug & Test ™ technology, which allows all calibration and configuration data to be stored within the sensor’s smart connector instead of the indicator, making true interchangeability of sensors possible. Features unique to the 7i include high speed data capture – the 7i can capture and store up to 5,000 continuous data points at a rate of up to 14,000 readings per second. This unique function is ideal for capturing switch activation forces, sharp breaks, and other short-duration applications. The data acquisition rate is variable and can be slowed to also capture longer events, such as structure relaxation. The 7i also allows for integration of a  footswitch / automation system to improve testing ergonomics and efficiency; no need for multiple key presses. Up to three steps may be programmed for a single footswitch activation.

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