Press Release: Cooper Instruments & Systems Uses Social Media to Connect with Customers


Cooper Instruments & Systems Uses Social Media to Connect with Customers

Cooper Instruments & Systems has found social media to be an excellent means of developing exposure and communicating with clients and customers. The company’s consistent use of Facebook, as well as the content it shares, has helped it establish its name on the Internet.


Warrenton, VA (SBWire) April 29, 2014 – While Cooper Instruments & Systemsis focused on developing and supplying complex systems and technologies to a variety of companies and industries, the company also understands the importance of connecting with clients at a grassroots level. That’s why Cooper Instruments & Systems has chosen to develop a social media presence. The company appreciates opportunities to communicate with customers and clients through different channels, and have found Facebook and LinkedIn to be especially helpful.

Cooper Instruments & Systems’ Facebook page has noticed positive growth over the last year, and has quickly become one of the company’s top channels of communication. As of this release, the page has more than 300 ‘likes,’ and this number is growing. The company attributes much of its growth to consistent posting and interaction. Cooper Instruments & Systems averages five to seven posts a week, and believes the steady flow of information is helpful and interesting to followers. They typically post links to useful articles in related industries, as well as links to information on new product releases. The company also uses the page to post pictures from recent events and to provide contact information for potential clients and customers.

While Facebook is the company’s primary method of social media interaction, Cooper Instruments & Systems also has a LinkedIn presence. This page is still young, but will be an excellent opportunity for corporate visibility in the near future. It allows employees to link their profiles to the company, and lets clients follow for up-to-date information and news.

Like many companies in different industries, Cooper Instruments & Systems has found social media to be a useful method of interaction and advertising. The company is hoping to expand its online presence in the future in an attempt to connect with existing clients and future customers as effectively as possible.

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