Press Release: Cooper Announces New Products

We have announced new products that have been added to our catalog. The LXT 980 and LXT 981 torque sensors will bring additional options to our torque sensor offerings, while the Series 2 digital force gauge is an economical solution for tension and compression force testing.

LXT 980/981
The LXT 980/981 torque sensors can be used for measuring torque forces from 0 to 2000NM bi-directionally. The two models, the LXT 980 and LXT 981 differ in their stated accuracy (0.2% of full scale for the 980 vs. 0.1% for the 981) and their linearity specifications (<±0.2%ME for the 980 and <±0.1%ME for the 981). In other respects, the technical specifications for the two models are similar. Both operate on the non-contact principle, meaning that the sensor is maintenance-free and operational over a wide temperature range, from -30°C to +85°C. These torque sensors are highly tolerant of dynamic loads and offer integrated signal conditioning, among other features.

Series 2
The Series 2 Economical Digital Force Gauge is a new offering from Mark-10, for whom Cooper Instruments has been an authorized distributor for many years. This gauge is designed for use in tension and compression force testing applications up to 100 lbs. With a large, back-lit graphic display the gauge shows peak tension and compression values captured using the 500 Hz sampling rate. Users can select from three units of measurement (lb, kg, N) and can choose to power the unit with an AC adapter (optional) or 9V battery. This unit is designed with an ergonomic, reversible aluminum housing that allows for hand-held use or fixture mounting and is rugged enough to withstand use in production environments as well as laboratories.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff if you’d like to know more about these new instruments. You can reach them by calling (800) 344-3921 or emailing

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