Cooper Instruments provide precision calibration services for load and torque sensors as well as those for pressure.

Our laboratory employs test standards that are Z540 with A2LA certification, assuring maximum accuracy in our calibration process. With the aid of micro adjustable custom test stands, we are able to accurately test to any required load and verify performance against our ultra-high precision control standees.

Our precision load standards and test stands provide the ultimate in load cell system testing, verification and calibration services. We offer all the standard calibrations regularly requested, i.e. 3 point – 2 run, providing verification of nonlinearty and hysteresis performance, as well as our 5 point single run providing verification of nonlinearity and repeatability.

Calibration ServicesWe are also able to perform any calibration requirement you have, just let us know your requirements and date of delivery and we will be happy to meet your needs.

Returns / Calibrations

To return items to Cooper instruments and/or request calibration estimate, please download one of the forms below (PDF or Word doc), fill out appropriate information and either email or fax back to Cooper Instruments. We will approve it, assign an RMA # and return to you to include in your shipment.

Request Calibration Services