A digital pressure gage incorporates a pressure transducer with a digital display to comprise an easy to use pressure measurement system. We have a variety of gages with accuracies ranging from 1% to 0.05% full scale. Some of our gages offer control functions with high/low limit settings as well as analog output.

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DPG 100 - Digital Pressure Gage

DPG 100 Digital Pressure Test Gage

The DPG 100 Digital Pressure Test Gage is manufactured using solid state sensor technology. This allows for all the ease of use of a dial gage and all the accuracy and ruggedness of a pressure transducer. The bright and easy to read digital display is 4 digits and 3/8″ high.…

DPG 100 - Digital Pressure Gage

DPG 250 General Purpose Digital Pressure Gauge

The DPG 250 is a versatile and economical choice when you need a general purpose digital pressure gauge. Designed for both gas and liquid pressure measurements, it is capable of measuring vacuum as well as positive pressure. With available ranges of -14.7 to 25,000 psi, it adapts easily to most…

DPG 1000B - Digital Pressure Gage

DPG 1000B Digital Pressure Gage

The DPG 1000B is a +/-0.25% accuracy pressure gage with an optional +/-0.1% accuracy. The display offers a standard 3-1/2 digits and is 0.5” high. The DPG 1000B has an update rate of 3 readings per second. This gage features a front push button on/off and front access potentiometer, non-interactive…

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