Cooper Instruments Works with Many Industries

Cooper Instruments & Systems is a leading supplier of force and pressure instrumentation. Our products and applications are used in a wide-range of industries, including automotive and healthcare.


Cooper Instruments & Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of force and pressure instrumentation, sensor systems, and calibration services. We offer an impressive selection of torque cells, load cells, force and pressure sensors, pressure transducers, digital instrumentation, custom test stands, and more. Because of our extensive product offerings, Cooper Instruments is able to serve a number of different industries and sectors. Some of the different industries in which our products are used include automotive, energy, medical, and materials testing and handling.


The company’s involvement in the automotive industry includes work with Ford, Toyota, Honda, and GM. We provide these companies, among others, with applications like spring testing, engine dynamometer, assembly machines, gas tank assembly, and crash testing.


Cooper Instruments works closely with the energy industry to provide applications such as pump-off control, wire line tension control, calibration systems, and coil tubing.


We also offer a number of different load cells for various medical applicationsthroughout the world. Examples of typical medical applications include patient weighing, rehabilitation equipment, bite force testing, and robotic surgical systems.


In the materials testing and handling industry, Cooper Instruments provides load cells, pressure sensors, torque sensors, force gauges, and test stands. They are used for applications like concrete testing, rubber sample testing, cable tension testing, and more.


Cooper Instruments & Systems has received positive feedback from virtually every industry we have been involved with. We have been able to build healthy relationships with all of the industries above and look forward to our involvement with other sectors in the near future.


About Cooper Instruments & Systems

Since 1988, Cooper Instruments & Systems has been a worldwide leading supplier of force and pressure instrumentation, sensor systems and custom calibration services. Cooper Instruments & Systems offers equipment such as load cells, torque cells, force and pressure sensors, torque gages, pressure transducers, pressure gages, digital instrumentation, hand-helds, test stands, custom test stands, and more. For more information, please visit