Cooper Instruments Partners with Alliance Sensors

Cooper Instruments & Systems is proud to announce a new distribution partnership with Alliance Sensors Group, makers of innovative position sensors and related electronics. The first link below point to an article detailing how products from Alliance Sensors can be used in real world applications, such as monitoring highway bridges. The second is an article on the different technologies used in position feedback sensors.

In this article published at Sensors Online, Edward Herceg, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Alliance Sensors Group a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC, explores:

  • The importance of monitoring our country’s aging bridges to prevent costly and dangerous failures
  • How strain gauges, inclinometers and linear position sensors can be used to detect different types of displacements and shifts that bridge structures undergo
  • How Alliance Sensors Group’s LV-45 series inductive linear position sensors are being used to measure movements of a bridge relative to the pier, enabling earlier and more accurate detection of structural instability

Click here to view the article.

A second article, entitled “Position Sensor Technology Comparison for Hydraulic Cylinder Feedback”, also written by Edward Herceg, can be found at Pneumatics Online. This article:

  • Discusses the three technologies traditionally used in position feedback sensors for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders – magnetostrictive, variable resistance, and variable inductance sensors
  • Discusses the fundamentals of each technology, including types of applications or situations to which each is best suited
  • Includes a chart which gives side-by-side comparison of the differences between each technology
  • Concludes that although each technology has its applications, recent electronic advancements and the flexibility of package designs make variable inductance sensors very cost effective for mainstream in-cylinder applications

Click here to view the article.

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