Cooper Instruments’ Participation in VALET Program

In 2011, Cooper Instruments & Systems partnered with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and began participation in their VALET program to increase our presence in international markets. While we have always exported to international customers, we saw this as an opportunity to learn new and more effective ways of generating international contacts and improving our export process.

VALET stands for the Virginia Leaders in Export Trade program, which, as of January 1, 2012 has had 107 companies “graduate” the program with another 50 companies currently participating. Because of our participation in the VALET program, we were able to redesign our website last year making it more comprehensive and user-friendly and also adding Spanish translation to large portions of the site. VALET has also provided us with semi-annual networking and educational events, where we’ve gained a better understanding of marketing strategies including social media, as well as learned about topics like the dos and don’ts of hiring international distributors and sales representatives.

We feel one of the biggest advantages we’ve been able to offer our customers as a result of our participation in this program is that we can now offer terms (Net 30 payments) to qualified international customers, instead of requiring payments in advance. We’ve also learned about more effective shipping methods and gained a better understanding of trade barriers and the laws and regulations concerning the export of goods. In addition, we are partnering with VEDP to attend theFarnborough International Airshow in England this summer (look for more on this in a future article).

Since our participation in the VALET program began, we’re proud to say we’ve seen a 25% increase in our international sales. We hope to see this trend continue as we work toward our goal of becoming a bigger international presence in the force and pressure measurement market.

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