Cooper Instruments Launches New Website

Cooper Instruments recently launched a brand new website. This new site features a sample list of industries we serve (Aerospace , Automotive , Energy , Medical & Healthcare , Materials Testing/Handling ) on the home page, complete with colorful illustrations. Click on these pages to see sample applications showing how these products are used within each industry. We’ve included a Best Sellers section that highlights some of our most frequently requested products. Within each product page, you can find technical specifications, user guides, sample calibration certificates, related products and more. Of course, if you don’t find what you’re looking for under Best Sellers, there are links on the site to our Full Catalog as well. You’ll also find lots of information about our custom test stands, including our T-Rex test stand.

We’ve also added a “News” section to the new website. Here you can find the latest news about Cooper Instruments and our products. We’ll also be featuring some industry news from time to time. Archives of past newsletters and links to other articles that may be of interest can also be found under the “News” section.

In addition to redesigning the website, we’ve also made large parts of it available in Spanish. Hopefully, our customers and contacts in the Spanish-speaking world will find that this addition facilitates their interaction with Cooper Instruments. To view the site in Spanish, click the Spanish flag in the upper right corner.

We hope our customers like the new design and find it useful. We’re excited to be offering more information and resources to customers through this site.