Cooper Instruments Announces Updates to TRX Test Stand

In 2009, Cooper Instruments introduced the T-Rex Portable Hydraulic Test Stand to the market. Developed by Cooper Instruments, the T-Rex was designed to be a portable, ready-to-use system for meeting a variety of testing requirements.  Nearly three years after its initial release, Cooper Instruments has redesigned the T-Rex, adding improved features and reducing the cost.

Improved Geometry Accuracy

  • Opens the door for applications requiring higher precision
  • Allows for low uncertainty in test repeatability
  • Can employ application specific metrology integration

Counterbalanced bolster

  • Ease of positioning
  • Counterbalance can be sized for difference test loads
  • One man adjustment

Moveable cylinder position

  • Allows for applying load offset of the machine centerline for special loading applications
  • Accommodates “out of the ordinary” types of system testing
  • Allows for moment load testing of customer’s parts without complex setups

Modular electronics packaging

  • Plug and play
  • Meets safety requirements
  • Keeps electronic equipment better protected
  • Allows for upgrade without changing entire platform

Anti-cylinder rotation device

Aluminum extruded components

  • Assists in ability to have modular peripheral fixturing
  • Allows for service loop maintenance of electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic supplies
  • Multitude of attachments for special applications

Of course the T-Rex still offers the original features that made it unique:

  • 10 Tons of Compression and 4 Tons of Tension
  • Large Working Area
  • Load Compression Cap
  • Double-Acting Hydraulic Hand Pump
  • And more!

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