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MasterLink and LQB 610Delmarva Power

Industry: Power/Energy Industry
Client: Delmarva Power
Project: Weigh Gas Bottles on their utility trucks

System Solution

  • LQB 610 1K
  • Masterlink 3000
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled plates for cylinders
  • Assembled and calibrated individual scales

History of Application
Back in 2009 Delmarva Power came to us for a solution to weigh their gas bottles that they carry on their utility trucks. We decided to use the LQB 610 1K and the DFI ­INFINITY CS. We also designed and built the plates to hold the cylinders. We then ­assembled and calibrated the individual scales.

The customer has come back to us to upgrade the scale to a wireless system. The ­pictures attached show that we have mounted the Masterlink 3000-P in between the 2 plates and they will use the Masterlink 3000-WHH to read the scale remotely.