A torque cell is a load transducer that will convert a torsional moment into a proportional electrical signal. Cooper Instruments offers a rotating variety, (operates in 360 degrees at various RPM) or a reaction-only style (can operate up to 360 degrees). Cooper Instruments offers a variety of physical configurations and torque ranges from 10 inoz to 100,000 in lbs.

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Torque Load Cells



LXT 610 Flange to Flange Reaction Torque Load Cell

The model LXT 610 is a reaction torque transducer and is designed for installation between test pieces such as motors, switches, axles or shafts and their mounting plate. The available ranges are from 5 inoz to 240,000 inlbs. Depending on the range, these models are constructed of aluminum or stainless…


LXT 920 Torque/Thrust Load Cell

The LXT 920 torque/thrust load cell is designed to measure reaction torque moments as well as tension and compression loads, all in one transducer. Temperature compensated and constructed entirely of aluminum, this torque/thrust sensor is able to achieve an impressive 0.2% nonlinearity and yet provide a safe overload of 150%


LXT 954 Series Reaction Socket Extension Torque Sensors

These torque sensors are designed to insert between a squaredrive torque producing device and the work fixture it is attached to. This allows direct static and limited rotation torque measurements while the tool or device is placed under its typical load. A valuable torque measuring solution for testing drive socket…


LXT 963 Rotating Torque Load Cell

The LXT 963 is designed to measure rotating drive torque using a conventional shaft-to-shaft configuration. This design incorporates a slip ring assembly which transmits excitation voltage to, and output signals from, the rotating sensor. If purchased with the DFI 2000, a personality module may be purchased for quick interfacing to…


LXT 971 Rotating Torque Load Cell

The LXT 971 torque transducer operates on the principle of magnetoelasticity. The sensor’s output signal is caused by a change in the magnetic field created by an applied torque on the sensor’s shaft. Non-contact detectors, in close proximity to the shaft, detect changes in the magnetic field and provide an…


LXT 980/981 Torque Sensor

The LXT 980/981 torque sensors allow the effective torque on the gauge bar to be measured bi-directionally independent from rotational speed. The sensor comes complete with corresponding connecting cable and key stones. Integrated into the sensor structure is the transmitting shaft, the contact-free signal pick-up and the analog non-contact principle…

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