Cooper Instruments’ torque gages and torque testers are accurate with many features which are ideal for a wide range of torque applications. All torque gauges and torque testers capture the peak torque in both directions (CW and CCW) and have selectable units of torque measurement. Torque capacities are available from 10 ozin full scale to 5,000 lbin, depending on the torque gauge or torque tester.

If you check our online inventory for the torque gage your company needs and don’t find a solution, call us at 1-800-344-3921 or 540-349-4746 right away. Our customer service representatives will gladly help you find the perfect solution. We manufacture much of our own equipment, so if we still don’t find what you need, we can customize a component specifically for you using an existing torque gauge. We’ll modify its specifications until the optimal performance or OEM standards are fully reached.

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Torque Gages


DTW 400 - Digital Torque Tester / Screwdriver

DTW 400 Digital Torque Tester / Screwdriver

Ranges from 0.3 in/lb to 35 in/lb: The DTW 400 features an integral/adjustable LCD display for convenient torque readings. Designed for screw tightening torque verification and measurement in Peak, Real Time, and Peak Down measuring modes (selectable), the DTW 400 has an accuracy of ± 0.5% F.S., ±1 LSD and…Read More

DTW 401 - Digital Torque Tester / Screwdriver

DTW 401 Digital Torque Tester / Screwdriver

Ranges from 0.02 in/lb to 4.5 in/lb: The DTW 401 features an integral/adjustable LCD display for convenient torque readings. The unit is designed for screw tightening torque verification and measures in Peak, Real Time, and Peak Down measuring modes (selectable). The DTW 401 has an accuracy of ± 0.5% F.S., ±1 LSD and…Read More

TT03 Digital Torque Gage

TT03 Digital Torque Gage

Series TT03 digital torque gauges are designed for clockwise and counter-clockwise torque testing applications in virtually every industry, with capacities from 10 ozFin to 100 lbFin (7 to 1,150 Ncm). A dedicated remote torque sensor with Jacobs chuck can be used to grip a sample, bit or fixture. The gauges’…Read More


TT03C Digital Cap Torque Gage

Series TT03C digital cap torque gauges are quick and economical solutions for basic handheld cap torque testing. These portable instruments eliminate the need to secure closures in a fixture or more elaborate testing system. A dedicated remote torque sensor with Jacobs chuck is supplied with a universal grip for caps…Read More

Our catalog is currently under construction. If you are looking for a specific product or are unable to find something that you have ordered before, please reach out to us using our contact form or give us a call at 1-800-344-3921, and we would be happy to help.

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Calibration Services

We don’t only manufacture and sell instrumentation — we also calibrate any tools you need us to, whether you purchased them from us initially or not. No matter how high-end your torque testers are, they’ll need regular calibration to continue measuring accurately throughout the years. We offer one-, two- and three-year calibration contracts so you don’t have to stress about calibration. If these options don’t work for your company, don’t hesitate to let us know, and our sales team will come up with a service agreement that works for you. Contract benefits include:

  • Continued Quality: Our NIST-traceable in-house calibrations, verification of measurement accuracy and state-of-the-art, innovative equipment ensure an optimal experience for any contract period you select. You won’t have to stress about unexpected audits when you rely on our regular quality control — we’ll even throw in an additional two-month warranty on all calibration services.
  • Information: When you opt into one of our service agreements, we’ll monitor and manage a multi-year calibration schedule for you and send automated notifications when it’s time for another service. You can also request historical calibration data for your equipment.
  • Priority Service: Whether you need expert technical support by phone or email or your recent order is ready to go through the handling process, you’ll receive customer service priority with your service agreement.
  • Speed: You’ll never have to wait around for our deliveries — they’ll always be on-time with your pre-determined calibration schedule.
  • Low-Cost Solution: Between the special discount pricing you’ll receive for choosing a service contract and the cost that’s guaranteed to remain the same over the life of your contract, you can rest assured working with Cooper Instruments is a cost-effective calibration option.


Contact Cooper Instruments & Systems for Quality Torque Gauges and Services

You’ll notice immediately when you choose our company that our top priority is quality customer service. We want to find the right solution for the job no matter what industry you’re in. We’ve been serving businesses in countless fields for decades, including manufacturing, aerospace, energy, education, research and development, construction, materials testing and more.

We serve the United States, Germany, Japan, countries throughout South America and several other international locations. Request a quote today for the perfect torque gage, or contact us for more information.