Cooper Instruments offers a wide and unique range of motorized force measurement and torque measurement test stands. Motorized stands offer a significant advantage over manual test stands by providing constant test speed. Some models can be programmed for advanced test sequences to accommodate demanding applications. Typically the test stand will require one of our electronic force gages to be integrated with the stand.

Cooper also offers an extensive line of manual force measurement. Test stands are useful in eliminating the variability inherent in hand testing and can help to automate test processes. A wide range of capacities, loading methods, and configurations are available.

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Mechanical and Motorized Test Stands


ES10 Vertical Lever Test Stand

ES10 Vertical Lever Test Stand

small size low cost mounting holes for bench mounting optional 1″ (25.4 mm) dial indicator travel kit loading lever can be placed in 3 positions for ease of operation large base plate with 5 # 10-32 holes for fixture mounting…Read More

ES20 Hand Wheel Test Stand

ES20 Hand Wheel Test Stand

small size low cost mounting holes for bench mounting optional 1″ (25.4 mm) dial indicator travel kit large base plate with 5 # 10-32 holes for fixture mounting…Read More


ESM303 Motorized Test Stand w/PC Control

The ESM303 is a highly configurable motorized test stands for tension and compression measurements of up to 300 lbF (1.5 kN). The ESM303 offers a travel distance of 18″. It can be controlled from the front panel or via a PC. Engineered on a unique modular platform, the stand can…Read More

ESM1500 Motorized Test Stand w/PC Control

ESM1500 Motorized Test Stand w/PC Control

With a tension and compression measurement range of up to 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN), the Mark-10 ESM1500 motorized test stand is a useful tool in any measurement laboratory or production setting. Pair it with an indicator/load cell combination, or with a force gauge. Its single-column construction and easy set-up and…Read More

TSFM 500 Motorized Force Test Stand

TSFM500-DC Motorized Force Test Stand (will be discontinued by March 2018)

The TSFM500-DC stand is ideal for compression and tension testing of springs, packaging, metals, fabrics and other items requiring high force testing. Model TSFM500-DC mounts vertically; the TSFM500H-DC is for horizontal testing applications. The TSFM500-DC offers all the mechanical specifications of the TSFM 500 motorized test stand, but with expanded…Read More


TSTM-DC & TSTMH-DC Motorized Torque Test Stands

The TSTM-DC is an advanced motorized torque test stand, designed for a wide variety of applications requiring up to 100 lbFin (11.5 Nm) of torque, including closure torque testing, fastener torque testing, and more. A 200 lbFin (22 Nm) capacity upgrade is available as an option. The stand includes a…Read More

WT3-200 Wire Terminal Pull Tester

WT3-200 Wire Terminal Pull Tester

When the strength of a wire terminal is critical to your manufacturing or field installation work, the Mark-10 WT3-200 is the tester to keep on the bench or in your truck. This handy device measures the force it takes to pull a terminal off of the end of a wire…Read More

Our catalog is currently under construction. If you are looking for a specific product or are unable to find something that you have ordered before, please reach out to us using our contact form or give us a call at 1-800-344-3921, and we would be happy to help.

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T-Rex Test Stands

Our T-Rex test stand is popular for its capacity to accommodate several components, product tests and materials like metals, rigid plastics, foil, paper, wood and more. A capacity of four tons in tension and 10 tons in compression make this rugged, flexible system applicable to countless processes like extraction force tests, adhesive bond strength verification, mechanical connection tests, crushing strength review and more. It offers improved geometry accuracy, moveable cylinder position, modular electronics packaging and other useful benefits.

Test Stand Customization

Like all our products, we manufacture and distribute our motorized test stands to meet your application demands, which is why we offer customization if you can’t find what you need. Call us at 1-800-344-3921 or 540-349-4746 if you don’t see a test stand that works for you in our inventory. If we can’t find one either, we’ll modify the specifications of existing equipment to meet your standards or OEM specifications. A few of the optional components for our testing stands include:

  • Digital travel indicator
  • Ultra-precision load cell
  • Electric pump
  • RS 232/analog outputs

Contact Cooper Instruments & Systems

In addition to the motorized test stands we sell, we also offer NIST-traceable calibration services to keep your equipment functioning properly. We’ll give you a discount when you sign up for a one-, two- or three-year contract, which includes locked-in, affordable prices, automatic updates for calibration due dates, priority technical support from our experts and many more advantages. Request a quote today to experience our determination to find the right solution for your company, no matter your location or needs.