Cooper Instruments digital instrumentation is used to power the transducer and display the reading in desired engineering units. We offer a variety of instruments from battery powered handheld instruments to multi-channel configurations. Our digital displays range from 3 ½ digits to 6 digits. Most of our instruments offer a peak hold function to capture the peak force during a measurement operation. Many of our instruments have either standard or optional control features with outputs, such as RS232, Analog or Ethernet.

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Digital Instrumentation



DFI 200 Hand Held Indicator

The Model DFI 200 is a light weight hand-held indicator powered by a single 9 volt battery making it ideal for remote field operations. The DFI 200 features a 4 1/2 digit display, max/min recall and push-button calibration and set-up. This unit also features RS232 serial communication and selectable digital…Read More


DFI 250/250X Digital Weight Indicator

The DFI 250 is powered by Sigma-Delta A/D converter, ensuring fast and accurate weight readings. It may be configured via the keypad, through the RS232 port, or through IR-Link with our PC software. A function key can be configured to select units of measure (kg, lb, g, & t), hold…Read More


FI 1650 Multi-Channel Digital Force Indicator

The DFI 1650 is a self-calibrating microprocessor-based six-digit transducer indicator. This versatile instrument will instantly self-calibrate with any Cooper transducer equipped with the “Sure Cal Signature” option. One to four independent transducer channel cards are available. Transducers previously purchased may be used by purchasing the In-Line module. Manual calibration of…Read More


DFI 7000 Digital Force Indicator

The DFI 7000 is a low cost panel or bench mount instrument which provides signal conditioning and amplification (0-5 volt output). The 4 1/2 digit display features bright easy to read .56″ characters. The compact case is ideal for panel mounting. Also available in a bench top unit. Peak hold…Read More


DFI INFINITY Digital Force Indicator/Controller

The DFI Infinity bench top or panel indicator, is a versatile six digit process controller with 1 microvolt resolution. The Infinity can be calibrated to any 350 ohm strain gage transducer via the front panel push-button or the optional serial communications board. This portable unit allows the user to scale…Read More


DFI INFINITY B Ultra High Performance Digital Force Indicator

The DFI Infinity B goes beyond our popular DFI Infinity with accuracy and performance. The DFI Infinity B achieves an accuracy up to ±0.005% of reading, and up to 166 readings per second. This versatile meter handles a broad spectrum of DC voltage and current ranges, nine thermocouple types, multiple…Read More


DFI Infinity CS Economy Digital Indicator

The DFI Infinity CS indicator is a low-cost indicator/controller. Four full digits and wide scaling capability allows for display in any engineering units. A variety of DC voltage and current input ranges cover many typical process applications. A fully scalable analog output is optional. Dual setpoints, each featuring 6 amp…Read More

Our catalog is currently under construction. If you are looking for a specific product or are unable to find something that you have ordered before, please reach out to us using our contact form or give us a call at 1-800-344-3921, and we would be happy to help.

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