Cooper Instruments bridge amplifiers provide power for the transducer and convert the signal to a voltage, current or digital signal to interface directly with a computer or data acquisition system. We offer a direct USB interface with our DSCUSB and data acquisition capability with our DCI 110/120 series.

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Bridge Amplifiers


DCD 4059

DCD 4059 Exciter/DC Transmitter

The DCD 4059 is a high-quality load cell excitation voltage generator coupled with a processor that receives, filters, normalizes and transmits an isolated DC voltage output for data recorders and other devices. It can handle four different load cells/bridges at the same time, making it a valuable exciter/transmitter for test…Read More


DCI 101/120 Bridge/Strain Gauge Data Loggers

The DCI 101 and DCI 120 are miniature, battery-powered bridge/strain recorders designed to record measurements automatically at time intervals ranging from 20 Hz to 12 hours. These stand-alone devices feature real-time clock modules that allow for high-speed downloads. The devices can measure and record more than 32,000 measurements per channel.…Read More


DCM 433/437 Current Bridge Amplifier

The DCM series provides adjustable excitation voltage and signal amplification for any strain gage transducer. The DCM 433 and DCM 437 provide on-board low pass filtering to eliminate noise problems commonly associated with strain gage load cell signal conditioners. The DCM 433 and DCM 437 provide a 4-20 mA output…Read More


DCM 460/465 Voltage Bridge Amplifier

The DCM series provides adjustable excitation voltage and signal amplification for any strain gage transducer. The signal gain may be adjusted from 40 to 1000 making it the ideal unit for application where a digital readout or serial link is not required. The DCM 460 and 465 both provide up…Read More


DCM 470 Voltage/Current In-Line Amplifier

The DCM 470 bridge amplifier is a compact in-line electronics package to amplify most strain gage type transducers. The output is fully configurable by DIP switch. The choice of electrical connections are: 9 pin mating connector or screw terminal. The housing comes standard with a DIN rail mount…Read More


DSCUSB USB Strain Gauge/Load Cell Digitizer Module

The DSCUSB is a useful, all-in-one interface between most strain gauges and your computer. It is a compact, high-performance strain gauge digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity that is perfect for applications requiring high-accuracy measurement repeatability. It has many applications in laboratory testing, educational environments and R&D. Just plug the…Read More

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