Bolt force sensors are completely calibrated load cell that are used primarily to measure tension on bolts. These units are typically not as accurate as our standard line of load cells, but their very low profile allows them to fit in applications where many other load cells will not. The force ranges start from 0-2000 lbs for a ¼ bolt size up to 300,000 lbs for a 2 inch bolt size.

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Bolt Force Sensors


LZBS 1010 Fastener Force Transducer

LZBS 1010 Fastener Force Transducer

The LZBS 1010 Bolt Force Sensor is essentially a hollow compression load cell designed to be used in fastener testing where the compression loading the sensor is induced by the tensile loading of the fastener for which it was designed. The LZBS 1010 consists of three piece assembly: both a…Read More

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